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  1. sfhd
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    I would like to use a domain (say: http://www.AAA.com) to mirror a wordpress site installed on a different domain (say: http://www.BBB.com). In addition, since part of my blog should be visible only to registered users, they should be able to login when viewing the site.

    My problem is now that I haven't been able to get this working. Here is what works:
    - The users who visit the mirroring domain (i.e., http://www.AAA.com) can login.
    - The site registers any changes in user.
    - These changes show up when the site is viewed on the original domain where the site is installed (i.e., http://www.BBB.com).

    However, here is what is not working:
    - The changes do not show up when the site is viewed on the mirroring domain (i.e., http://www.AAA.com).

    My suspicion is that this is a problem with how login sessions are stored in the database or in cookies, but I have no idea where to look for this.

    Any help would be much appreciated!



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