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  • I’m not sure if such a plugin exists, so thought I would ask people on here.

    I am looking for the following functionality:

    – pre-selected members (as an administrator, I guess they would be assigned a certain group/role) can submit listings for items available to hire

    – these listings would require photos to be uploaded, as well as mandatory details like make, model, description and item location

    – other members (guests would need to register first) have visibility of these listings and can submit a quote request, which gets sent to both the listing owner and site administrators

    – with the quote request, they would need to complete mandatory fields such as contact details, dates required, location and purpose of hire

    – other members could also request quotes for the same dates, and ideally they should be made aware that there is already interest for the item,

    – once the quote has been agreed, the item should be unavailable for those dates

    Functionality not really required from day one, but potentially required if everything works out:

    – some sort of counter which showed how many quote requests an item had received, as well as the number of actual bookings

    – allow the person hiring to leave feedback afterwards

    – require payment for listings

    – accept payments for the quotes price via the website

    Apologies if I have explained this in a really complicated way, and I hope it actually makes sense to people 🙂

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  • For something that specific, you may need a combination of plugins and maybe even some custom coding. I suggest consulting with a professional WordPress developer.

    Is it really that specific? I only ask because I didn’t think it was, but I given your reply I’m thinking it may be.

    It’s basically a cross between a classifieds and rental plugin lol.

    Hi @hshah, we invite you to check out . We offer most of the features you mention and can develop additional (specific) requirements that you are seeking. As a white-label solution, we can power your brand with real-time, paid rental bookings.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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