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  • we bought user list and we found errors in the files.
    And it is not able to inform the plugin developer without paying money for support.
    Thats bad

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I reached out to you via email but have heard nothing back from you.

    Please note that support for the User List extension is included with your purchase, as referenced in the description. My apologies if that was not clear to you.

    If there are in fact errors, please let me know so they can be corrected. A lot of work has gone into these plugins and I take pride in my work. There are a lot of users of the plugins I offer, including the User List and there are not any currently unresolved issues that I am aware of. So if you’ve found something wrong, we’ll want to get on top of that immediately.

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    Compliments for your plugin, I’ve worked with pleasure so far! I understand that there are costs associated with your work. But … if the instructions were clear, I would not have to ask you any questions. I use your plugin as an amateur to build a “friends site”. That means that I have to pay attention to the costs. I can not find a solution to my simple question in the manual: I want users to be able to request a new password if they have forgotten their password. That has now been achieved with your help. But the password that the user receives is very complicated. So I want the user to be able to change this password into a self-chosen password. Thanks already for your help! E-mail

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    After reaching out via email as well as responding here, I still have not received a response from @rolandstumpp. Ordinarily, I would not think much of that because people who have a beef with the plugin usually move on. However, I thought it odd in this case because it involves a premium extension.

    I believe I was able to figure out why this use had an issue by looking at the user’s site and it appears that they only have the User List extension installed without the WP-Members plugin. That would certainly explain why it did not work. The User List is an extension for WP-Members and WP-Members must be installed and activated in order for it to work. That’s a simple fix and I wish this user would have sought support for their extension before posting a negative review as we certainly could have cleared this up right away.

    Since this user also incorrectly assumed that they did not have support for the product, even though I addressed that already I want to emphasize that this is simply not the case. All premium extensions come with 1 year of support and updates, and that can be extended. I’m not sure how the confusion on this occurred as it is stated on the product purchase page that support is included. However, in an attempt to avoid this kind of confusion in the future I revised the wording on the support contact page to give additional clarity and included an additional support form specifically for extension support.

    Unfortunately, it seems that @rolandstumpp does what most 1 star reviewers do – post a negative review without seeking support first, and then disappear even when the developer has reached out trying to help them resolve their issue. But hopefully the additional wording on the support form will help prevent additional issues for other users in the future.

    Thread Starter RolandStumpp


    @chad butler
    No sir, that’s not right! We gave 1 star because it is not possible to inform about existing errors without additional costs. We use almost only Pro versions (paid) of plugins. And we have not understood until today what we should actually do to get in touch. For that, and only for that there was 1 star.
    And by the way — we found a solution for our problem. Without wp-members.

    Your way of discrediting us as a 1 star reviewer in your post shows us, that we have decided correctly.

    I felt I needed to add my perspective to this plugin and its developer. After many years creating and managing websites, I have used many free and paid plugins. I have always been amazed at the diligence and dedication developers have shown. Yes, there were a few that didn’t follow up, and I moved on. Yet, they were few and far between. Among those who showed care and dedication for both the free and paid versions is Chad with WP-Members.

    With the cyberworld and all the options available to us in creating and managing sites, the types and complexities of using a plugin can get very complicated in solving the cyber mysteries. For all us web designers, we need to learn to be more patient, flexible, and understanding of what developers go through trying to help us.

    For Chad and WP-Members, there were several layers of mysteries to solve for myself. And he was available on the free side via, which initially surprised me at his dedication. Then one of my clients needed more features for users, and it was worth paying the bundle premium to get it not only for the features but for the added ability to contact Chad directly via his member contact form page. He has always answered quickly, meaning within a day or so…sometimes within the hour. Which, to me is amazing. Sometimes, his tutorial somewhat confused me. Yet, he always gave due consideration to improving those tutorials with my suggestions. We all can make all our jobs easier when we team together and not expect the developer to be the only one who solves these cyber mysteries.

    So, for all us web designers out there, please be patient as much as Chad is patient with us.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    We gave 1 star because it is not possible to inform about existing errors without additional costs

    Again @rolandstumpp, as I stated above, support for the extension IS included. I’m sorry that you didn’t realize that – however, it is noted on the site.

    And we have not understood until today what we should actually do to get in touch.

    Again, as already noted – I apologize if it was not clear that (1) you could reach out for support and (2) how to do that. I responded with this information to your review as soon as I saw it (note the first response above). Additionally, I tracked down your purchase information and reached out via email. Unfortunately, you did not respond to either of these, and those were the only contact methods I had available. I don’t want to argue about it but there were other ways for you to contact me aside from those, including a simple response via email from the messages for your transaction.

    Your way of discrediting us as a 1 star reviewer in your post shows us, that we have decided correctly.

    I attempted to respond and resolve. You didn’t respond to those, so what am I supposed to think, other than what I stated? You’re certainly entitled to your opinion about it – but from my end of things, you ignored my attempts reaching out to resolve things for you. I also found it odd that you didn’t request a refund on your premium purchase, and to show that I really don’t want any argument here, I tracked down your original transaction and refunded it.

    The rest of my response was really to clarify for other users that I DO support my premium products, the possibility to receive support has always been there, and I’ve taken steps to try to improve the clarity of that information. I’m really not sure what other efforts could be made.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 7 months ago by Chad Butler.
    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    @sharon135 – thanks for adding your perspective!

    All feedback is appreciated, both positive and negative, as that information tells me what’s working and what’s not, and it gives me opportunity to improve things that are not working or may be unclear.

    Chad (IMHO) is the most rapid responder of any plugin developer on WordPress. And he gives a comprehensive answer or solution. Most admirably, in this situation, is his objective and balanced response to the one-star reviewer.


    It should be clear by now that your review was hasty and unjustified. If you are such a novice user that you do not understand how to communicate with developers you should cease posting reviews. And you should withdraw your one-star review immediately.

    I have implemented a web site for our own home resident association and I use the free WP-member plugin as well. I have posted a question about this plugin and my surprise was to get a so rapid and clear answer from Chad. I want to tell only one thing ” Bravo Monsieur Chad” from a french user.

    Thread Starter RolandStumpp


    we understand your post even better! and we understand the other posts too. Obviously, their fan base has something against an opinion! That’s a very interesting aspect. We are curious what to expect as a public user yet. What do you call such support?

    @patrickj78 I also created a website for a homeowners association and used WP-Members. At first, it was the free one. But client wanted more features, so they paid for the bundle premium. It was well worth it. And Chad proved very helpful on many occasions, and still counting! “Vivre la Chad” From a Texas lady!

    PS Bundle is great if you want to protect certain documents from the public where only association residents have access.

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    As always, before i install a plugin, i check out the one-star reviews on it to inform my decision. A week ago, i saw this review, and guess what – it is the first one star review that actually convinced me to install a plugin, instead of avoiding it. It has been a week now, and the plugin (free version) runs flawlessly, and does everything i expect of it.

    So, I came here to thank @rolandstumpp for his one-star review, if it was not for this review, i would not have installed a great plugin!!

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