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  • I’d like to have more control over what users at different levels can do. Right now it’s pretty inflexible because WP’s authors have decided on various groups of capabilities and have assigned those groups a number, 1-5. But if you want to enable a user to do some things that only a level 5 user can do, but not some of the other things that a level 5 user can do, that’s not possible.
    For example, I’d like my level one users to be able to edit the timestamp. I don’t want to set their user level higher because then they’d be able to do things I don’t want them to do, like edit categories.

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  • Is there any chance that someone with more knowledge of the source than I could post a list (or update the wiki) of the places where user_level is tested and permissions granted for various things?
    I’ve looked at the wiki on user levels, and not only is it partially incorrect (mentioning something like ‘teams’ which I’ve never seen on my 1.2 system), but it doesn’t mention where these permissions are set.

    I´m also looking into user levels, as I would like to use them to control what content readers can see, but I would really like to remove the user´s right to post… or at least limit it to one category.. I´ve also looked at the wiki but still feel like I am lost at sea..

    I want to be able to have more control over this too, I also just installed the “View Level” plugin, and the problem is that I want people to be able to sign up to read some hidden posts, but I don’t want them to be able to post themselves. Level 1 really should just be for creating a user that doesn’t really have any rights other than to login. Which is basically what level 0 is now. But everyone starts out at level 0, so there’s no where to go.

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    But you could bump them up to level 1.

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