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  • Can someone tell me what the user levels give what rights? I’m assuming 10 is full access. What does 1-9 corespond to?
    If this is in the documentation (I couldn’t find it) somewhere please point me to it.

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  • It is in fact in the readme.html (included with the install):
    * 0 – new user: can’t post.
    * 1 – user: can post & edit/delete their own posts.
    * 3 & higher – admin: can post, edit/delete other people’s posts, and change the options.
    * Any user whose level is higher than 1, can edit/delete the posts and change the level of users whose level is inferior. Example: a level 2 user is not an admin, but can edit the posts of level 1 users, and up the level of a new user from 0 to 1.

    Are there plans to make fuller use of the levels? I can think of some ideas, including:
    Min level to change options
    Min level to edit templates

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    GFM, that’s already in place. I think most options require a user level of 8, and there’s level stuff in the menu code. I think the best way would be to split things into different types of levels, IE level_edit and level_admin. Then someone could have a level_edit of ten and edit or proofread posts of even the top user but wouldn’t be able to change options or such. Thoughts?


    is there any way to or which user level is:
    let the user can post topic but will not be published until admin approved?

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