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  • I read the Codex page on User Levels and it seemed to say that User Level 0 is the default, but that’s not what’s happening on my site.

    When someone registers to comment on my site, he’s automatically assigned User Level 1, but I want him to be assigned automatically to User Level 0. Can someone tell me how I can change it to follow the way it says in the Codex, so that Users are assigned to Level 0 by default?


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  • Odd, any plugins installed on your site? When people sign up on mine, they have to be promoted to do anything.

    I am using a bunch of plugins: Hebrew date (unsuccessfully so far with the Journalized blue theme), Next to Last, Subscribe to Comments, Forced Word Wrapping, WP-CC, and WP-Contact Form.

    I just deactivated all plugins and tried again, registering as a new user and then checking in my Admin account to see what level the new user had been assigned … User Level 1, not 0.

    I feel as if I must have changed this default somewhere, but I can’t figure out where. I’m going to reactivate all my plugins now. Thanks for the idea. Anyone else know what I might have done?

    What do you have “Newly registered members:” set to in Options -> Writing? I’m betting that you have it set to “May submit drafts for review” aka level 1. Try “Cannot write articles”.

    Yes! That’s it. Thanks a lot!

    No prob. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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