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  • I have recently developed a plugin which allows me to use my own site’s user database instead of wordpress’ user table for user logins.

    This involves plugging the get_userdata(), get_userdatabylogin(), wp_login(), wp_setcookie() functions to grab information from my own database. To do this I define a new instance of the wpdb database class with my user database details to connect to the user table, and then use this database instance to retrieve any user-related data.

    The problem is, I try to enable the plugin and it says that it won’t because it causes a fatal error. I think this may be caused by the fact that users will have to login again because user information is being pulled from a separate source.

    I went ahead and enabled the plugin manually in the database, and the plugin works fine when its enabled. User integration is smooth and fully functional, but for some reason, updating options in the option control panel, and attempting to disable the plugin through wordpress plugin panel all fail. They come up with the notifications that “options have been updated” and “plugin disabled”, but they’re not.

    This leads me to think there’s a problem with updating the problems, but I have no idea whats going wrong or why my plugin may be causing it. My plugin does not interfere with anything but the user-information extracting functions, and I am completely stuck.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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  • This sounds like a great plugin, are you planning on releasing this to the general public? I’d love to help you develop and test it.

    Yes, if I get it to be fully stable then I will release it publically. I have tried to design it so that it would function universally for anyone. However, the latest release of WordPress 2.5 has rewritten most of the user functions involved with logging in and authenticating users, so I’m probably going to have to rewrite parts of the plugin to compensate for this.

    Your help would be very appreciated, please reply back if you’re still interested.

    Sorry for the late reply.

    P.S. The problems detailed in my first post have been solved.

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