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    Hi guys,

    my backend interface shows a number that differs by one from the number of users in database after update von 2.9 to 3.01

    Anybody know why and how to correct?

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  • is the extra user named “root”?

    None visible. Lists one less user than the number states. Users correct, number wrong.

    Sorry I think I misunderstood. The dashboard > users shows a list of users and at the top the number of users (All) shows a number that is +1 to the actual number of users in the list – is that the issue?

    Yes, correct. Sorry for not being more precise in my OP.

    Anybody have any thoughts on why causes that?

    no sorry. never heard of anyone having this issue.

    ^^me neither. None of my other 3.01 installations have that issue. Beats me.

    Might be left over usermeta throwing off the counts..

    If you have access to PhpMyAdmin and know how to use it, run this query on your WordPress database…

    SELECT um.*
    FROM wp_usermeta um LEFT JOIN wp_users u ON um.user_id = u.ID

    NOTE: If your WP prefix is not wp_ update the appropriate places in the query.

    If you get any results that’ll be the source the counts being off (users present in the meta table that don’t have a corresponding record in the user table).

    Thank you, that did the job. Had a user with id 0 and also some left meta on user 27 who hasn’t existed for ages.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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