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  • I run a membership site using WP 2.x and I’d like to be able to allow each registered user to upload a photo of themselves. Note: I don’t want to use Avartars.

    I’ve searched high and low for a solution that would enable me to add an Upload facility to the user profile page. There appear to be quite a few WP image plugins out there – but none of them provide this exact functionality.

    There are those like the excellent Userextra/Usermeta by James Ponder that extend WP’s profile (but have no image facility), and many image plugins that make it easy to display previously uploaded images in posts/pages etc., BUT crucially I can’t find one that would enable a user to upload an image from the admin profile menus.

    Extended requirements for such a function would include:

    – the ability to control the size of the uploaded images
    – the ability to control the location
    – the ability to control the image name

    My PHP coding is very basic so I can’t code it myself…

    During my searches I’ve seen the following – but these have also led to a dead end:

    Add Data to User Field in WordPress

    Any ideas?

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  • You know, there’s a plugin by c2c that addes image support for the authors. I bet with a decent amount of development you could do modify that to work with users.

    WordPress Plugins

    I understand how it should work, but I’m just a CSS / XHMTL guy. not really a coder.



    Hi, i needed the same sort of thing, i must have spent about 2 days looking for a plugin to do this, it appears user specific plugins are a little short on the ground, in the end i decided to just create my own, take a look at click on Users from page nav, then click on View next to a user (try my one) is this somthing similar to what you want? users upload images themselves after they log in, they can also delete pics and set a pic as the main one (which then shows up in the box), if it is what your after im sure i could help you implement it, its not a public plugin and i have no real plans to make it public, its a bit scrappy, but it works.

    I think it would make a great public plugin if you develop it. =) I would like something like that too for a class blog, could you help me out with it too erm and I dun really know coding? >.<

    Still needs a little work but shes got a great start.

    I just can’t make it work, anyone care to explain step 6? 🙂 I would have played if I had to :p

    But seriously, Can’t say that I don’t get the part pasting cod into a file, but when I check everything it’s is right, still not working, frustrating really, help plz.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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