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  • i am setting up a wordpress blog like a magazine for about a dozen people to contribute to. I want to have it so that at least the user appears as the authors of the post – ideally with an image to accompany it.

    I’ve tried using the userextra plugin to add an extra field for an img file, but have no idea how to get this into the template/workings of the blogg. I see this trick everywhere, but haven’t found any hrlp on it yet… any ideaS?

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  • You can isert the name of the author into a template inside The Loop, using:

    Written by <?php the_author() ?>

    If you want to also use a picture of the author on their articles, you could get creative using the_author() and some image tags.

    Okay, my friend has a blog and I want to post comments on it. Because the blog is in Word Press I apparently have to be registed in order to comment on the blog. I now have a username and password for Word Press support so I can post a comment here, but I still can’t get my friend’s blog to recognize my username. What am I doing wrong?

    Have you visited the “Registration” link?

    Try http://your-friends-blog/wp-register.php (or the Register link from his login page).

    Exactly. Signing up here on the WordPress Forums doesn’t mean you have an account on every WordPress blog to comment, although there are some services out there which do something similar for participating sites.

    You need to register on your friends blog. Not here. Secondly, just because it is a WordPress run blog doesn’t mean you always have to register to comment. This is a function set in the Admin panel of WordPress. The Admin can turn it off as most do.

    Your friend can turn this off, which for a public blog looking to expand its readership (which most are); I would suggest would be a good idea.

    My friend’s blog has a log-in link, but it doesn’t have a register link. Tried your http link using the blog name, but nothing turned up on the search. I sent him an e-mail and I hope he’ll give me instructions for registration.

    If you can give me your friend’s blog url then I’d be happy to have a look around and see if I can find an answer.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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