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  • I have recently migrated to a different Host and also changed my domain name and main contact email address. I was surprised that I was able to log in to my new site’s WP Admin with the old User Id and password. In order to have a clean slate of log-in credentials, I went to my Profile, I went to the top right corner of my admin page and clicked Edit Profile. I was able to add my new domain name and it refused to change my User Id (which is an email which I am not using on this new domain). However, it does not stop me from logging in.

    I have used Change Admin email setting without outbound Email. but that did not change my email address address in my profile.

    If I still want to go ahead with this, am I looking at adding a New User? If so, what happens to the old one? Will it conflict with the new User?

    thank you.

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  • Hi @vahagan

    If you add a new user, the old one will remain there, but you can delete after you create the new one.

    If you have access to the database, you can go to the users’ table (usually wp_users, but the text before the underscore can change) and edit your user.

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    Hello @amieiro

    Thank you for your swift response. Much appreciated.

    I am sorry, but I do not understand your second paragraph:

    If you have access to the database, you can go to the users’ table (usually wp_users, but the text before the underscore can change) and edit your user.

    Is this after I have created a new User profile? I do not see this wp_users anywhere on the existing user profile .

    Thank you.

    Hi @vahagan

    What I want to explain to you is that if you have direct access to your database, with phpMyAdmin or a similar tool, you can update the information for the current user directly in the database.

    In the next image, you can see a WordPress database in my local machine.

    In the left sidebar, you can see the user’s table: wp_users (the text before the underscore can change in your installation).

    In the main panel, you can see some elements you can change:

    • user_login
    • user_nicename
    • user_email
    • display_name

    You can update the information with this approach.

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    hello @amieiro

    My apologies for this late response. I had other Security issues to sort with my new site etc.

    I don’t think I have access to MySQL.. (if that is something that I need to do in Control Panel?).

    The only thing I want to change is the email address which acts as my Log- in User name. The current User name displays an email which I was using in relation to my previous domain name. Although I am able to log in to WP Admin with the current Log in User ID (as they are simply nicknames even if they happen to be an email address) but being a damned perfectionist, I just want everything to reflect my new domain name and the log in ID that relates to it. I could even create a nickname saying: “Fussy-Perfectionist” ha ha… but I cannot change the user Name according to WP Profile Edit. I tried to change that under the current Profile credentials. but it says User name cannot be changed and it has been greyed out.

    (There is a flaw with WP whereby we cannot make overall changes under our Profile. I have seen this issue being raised by others too).

    If creating a new User is the only way to get around this, then so be it. I will do it and see if it raises any log-in issues for me.

    P.S. Am I allowed to send attachments in this messaging system? I don’t see the option for it though.

    Thank you once again for your attention @amieiro .

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