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  • I’m sorry if this has been posted before but every search result that I get here is giving me an “Internal Server Error”. Basically I have multiple contributors that would like to be able to collaborate on posts for review, etc, before they are published. So one user could start the article and work on it for a bit, then click save, and the other user could open it up and review/make corrections.

    Simply setting one user at a higher permission level does not seem like a good way to go… That is a one-way street, not for both users.

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  • If all users are of the same user level, they can edit one another’s work.

    The User Levels documentation states the minimum level necessary to edit other people’s drafts. All your collaborators will need to be at least that level.

    I’m not finding this to be true. I have four users all set to level 5 and they get the message “You are not allowed to edit this post.” when trying to manage another users Draft and there is no “Edit” button next to users’ posts. However if I set my user to 6 then I have access to all the level 5 posts.

    Is there some general configuration flag I might need to set and missed? On my blog ( users of the same permission level cannot edit each others posts.

    Ah, I stand corrected:

    Remember the general principle that a given User Level allows the user to edit or modify postings for users that are at a “lower” User Level than themselves.

    Ok, yah, I’ve been looking for this for awhile and I think I found a teaser somewhere that “Groups” functionality was on the wishlist for WP1.6. I guess I’ll be able to get around this for now by having both users use the same login. If anyone finds any plugins or hacks for this I would appreciate it very much.

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