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  • I have a plug-in need that is somewhat of a hybrid between a portfolio and a store front.

    I am creating a site where I am going to be showcasing other people’s items for sale on their own personal websites. I would like for them to be able to upload all of the information for the item(s) they would like to display on my site, i.e. price, item image, link, sizes available, etc. When a browser comes to the site, I want them to be able to view the items in my “store”, but when an item is clicked, it would go to an eternal website where the actual item can be purchased. Therefore, I don’t need an actual shopping cart or payment processor on my site since it’s going to redirect to other sites.

    Is there any plug-in to allow users to upload and submit this information to me to be reviewed so that I don’t have to manually create the store item by item? I would also like them to be able to select the appropriate category so that browsers could come to the site and narrow their search down by what they are looking for specifically. What plug-in(s) would allow me to accomplish this?

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  • Hi there, this combination comes to my mind:

    Easy digital downloads plugin + Frontend Submissions (extension for the plugin) + Quick Page/Post Redirect plugin.

    The idea is to allow for “products” submission, but when products are viewed on the site, you redirect them to the actual site.

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