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  • I’m making a website for all video game music concerts. It will be a subdomain for another game music-related website, so I can access their database also. This way I already have database with artists and games. I will of course have my own database with all other info e.g. country, city, concert venue, style of concert (orchestra, cover band etc.). The idea is, that anyone can add new concerts to this site and editors/admins can revert changes, if needed.

    My question is: how good is WP at handling user generated content?
    Is my idea easily doable?

    I’ve asked asked this question on other places and some people say this is very difficult on WordPress. They suggest I use a framework instead. I haven’t decided what platform to use yet, but it will either be WP, Drupal or a framework. Keep in mind that I’m kind of a beginner still.

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  • Definitely it is doable with WordPress but it is not a walk in the park… You have to use different plugins to allow users to login, to restrict them what they can edit etc.

    I do not know of any particular blog post or website which talks about this, but I am sure if you search you will find some useful tips.

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