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  1. cardan
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for something I thought so obvious, but somehow.. I just can't find a plugin to do it.

    I'm making a site where a user can freely register and later the user will be assign to Author role, and can make post and uploading images, without waiting for moderation.

    Is there a plugin where a user can only see (and edit) the images (Media library) that he / she downloaded? I thought this is obvious..

    For example: User A register, making post and uploaded abc.jpeg.
    User B register, and upload dfe.jpeg.

    A can only see: abc.jpeg.
    B can only see: def.jpeg.

    Kinda obvious isn't it? :P

    TBH, I only test this with two user, 1 as an admin and one as an author (both are myself of course :D) and, the author can see (and alter) the admins uploaded image! Changing the title and using it in his posts..

    The closest plugin I got is this one


    I'm still trying to explore it further, but so far I can make such restriction by manually adding the registered user to certain post(s). I imagine I have to do that again for the next user register, and the next one, and the next one and..

    Anyway, please share with me if you know a good plugin for this or know about hacks I need to do. BTW I am using Thematic (probably doesn't matter, but who knows)

    Thank you for reading this ;)

    Oh, there is Nextgen extension, but it only works with the next, nextgen version..

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