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  • Plugin Author Peter Booker


    I am the plugin author and am confident that the plugin reaches its goals of being an incredibly user-friendly way to add a Twitter Feed to your website.

    I aimed to create a plugin that anyone could get working in a few minutes and that would fit into the users website without looking out of place. I wanted to raise the standards of the current offerings and raise users expectations, as I felt that the previous offerings were making life overly complicated for the user.

    If you have any feedback/suggestions, I am always looking for ways I can improve it. I will continue to apply this vision and create more plugins in the future.

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  • Hello!

    I am glad you posted because I am having some issues with the plugin and am hoping you can help. I administrate the website and we use your plugin for our Twitter feed. However, it has not successfully updated since October 31. All of the errors are code 1 with the message of connect() timed out or couldn’t connect to host.

    I know all of the setting are correct in the plugin. In fact, I uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin recently and it still only loaded tweets up to October 31.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks!

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    joshdelph? If you need support for this plugin then please post to that plugin’s dedicated support sub-forum instead.

    Plugin Author Peter Booker


    Hi Josh,

    Sorry to hear you have been having problems.

    Error code 1 is stored when WordPress fails to correctly make an HTTP request with the HTTP API ( The plugin is reliant on WordPress being able to make external requests, in order to fetch data from the API.

    The HTTP API is usually very robust, it checks 3 different forms of making external requests and selects the best available option. It seems likely that something on the hosting is not configured/functioning correctly and is preventing this.

    You could test it with some custom code which uses the HTTP API and see what it returns. Alternatively, I believe some of the Dashboard Widgets use the HTTP API to refresh the articles they display, etc, so if they are not updating either, it might confirm the problem.

    P.S. It would be better in the future, to post on the plugins support form here on, which you can find here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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