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  • I need help in creating a user selection for opening specific PDF files in a specific directory. For example, lets say I have a directory just below the htdocs called myfiles and then sub-directories under that called A, B, and C with certain files in them. Lets also say that A will be called “Apples”, B = “Bananas”, and C = “Cherries” for user display.

    So, I want to have a page with two columns. First column will be a selection list: Apples, Bananas, and Cherries. Second column will be an input field that the file name will entered by user. I then would like a button that will then retrieve the PDF file. The user should not have to enter the “.pdf” extension.

    For example, I want the file called “testfile.pdf” under the C directory. I want the user to select the “Cherries” in the first column and then enter “testfile” in the second column. When the button is depressed it should retrieve the following file:


    Now, HOW do I do this in WordPress? Is there a Plugin?


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