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  • Tom Lany


    Could you post a link to your blog so we can take a look?

    Also, are you sure that your host meets the minimum WordPress requirements?

    Thank you Tom, I really appreciate it. 🙂
    It is

    Tom Lany


    I don’t see a blank screen, but rather the correct login image. Is it now working?

    You may want to try deleting your cache (on your internet browser) if you haven’t done so recently.

    Hi Tom,
    Sorry I didn’t explain so well. I see the admin login screen, but as soon as I enter the username and passowrd, it goes to a blank white screen.

    I copy and paste the password and username, I’ve tried it on several machines and browsers.. no idea 🙁

    Tom Lany


    Hum… some problem with the backend… you’ve got me puzled!

    Have you tried re-uploading the wp-admin folder? Try it from a fresh .zip.

    Unfortunatley after re-uploading it it still won’t work.. even after a fresh zip. Really stumped!

    Anybody? It still doesnt seem to be working..

    Tom Lany


    Who is your web host?

    I have this problem sometimes. I’ll login as admin. The browser attempts to transfer data and…stops. White screen, which, if it could talk, would laugh an evil laugh.

    Refreshing the page can resolve the issue temporarily. But where’s the bug? My suspicions lie with Plug-ins. I deactivated a few I didn’t need, and the problem seems to have been resolved. Still haven’t found the bug though…

    My Answer: Blogger101, try refreshing your page. If that works, then either come back here and tell us, or, if you’re a bit more adventurous, try deactivating some of your Plug-ins, and then do lots of tests. See if the problem has gone away. And then, adventure-seeker, come and tell us your tale.

    Same problem. 🙁 white screen all over. I cant even access my plugins to deactivate them. aaaargh

    Thanks for the useful tips guys, but unfortunatley it still refuses to let me into the admin area – just returns the white screen every time.

    I don’t have any plugins installed – its a fresh install, from a fresh zip. I have yet to actually access the admin area! I have now tried refreshing several times, still to no avail. My host is idealhosting (

    Any other ideas? It’s not a possible bug in the new zip is it? I’m glad to see I’m not the only one but I certainly hope I can help resolve it.

    I have got a similar problem but the other way roud: my admin works fine but my frontend is just a blank white screen.

    Any other ideas?

    Try looking at your error logs.

    I seem to be having this same problem (along with a bit more) where are these error logs ?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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