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  • I’ve been searching the docs and postings here in the forum and have not found an answer to my question – hopefully someone can shed some light on this…
    Is it possible to create your own tags – specifically my own database fields in WordPress? I’m looking at creating a photoblog/gallery which will make extensive use of EXIF and IPTC data. It would be most useful if I could batch upload the photos and somehow extract all this metadata and import it into the WP SQL database. This way when the photoblog/gallery is running it won’t have to constantly extract this information via some other script. Retrievals and searches would be faster…..
    Aside from how the data extraction process might be done, I’m interested to find our whether WP will allow me to create the extra data tags which would hold the IPTC and EXIF information.
    Is this possible?
    thanks, hope my question makes some sense..

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  • Ok, this can’t be that hard, but I haven’t been able to do it.

    But I’m not really all that smart.

    But this is part of the solution to your puzzle:

    First – you can add a permanent custom field. there is a guide out there somewhere that is very good – but i can’t find it for some reason. call it something I ate, i didn’t bookmark it.

    but this plugin lets you use them in a post:

    Plugin: Get Custom Field Values

    Hmm… hack one of the photo upload plugins so it does this

    $size = getimagesize(“testimg.jpg”, $info);
    if (isset($info[“APP13”])) {
    $iptc = iptcparse($info[“APP13”]);

    exchanging app13 for the “description” or “caption” field. (i’m guessing that’s what you want”.


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