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  • Someone else had this issue, but I didn’t want to add to the thread as it was already marked as resolved.

    I’m having issues getting WP Resume to output the Name, Contact, and Summary fields. This occurs when using a custom resume.php and the default resume.php. It also occurs when using a default theme (such as Twenty Eleven) and a custom theme.

    In another thread, someone mentioned creating a new user resolved the issue for them. So that’s what I did yet I’m still unable to get any of the user defaults to appear.

    When doing a print_r on the template variable, I notice in the output that the values associated with the name/contact/summary are blank.

    [user_defaults] => Array
                                [name] =>
                                [summary] =>
                                [contact_info] => Array
                                [order] => Array
                                [hide-donate] =>

    They seem to be saving as I can see the values in the Resume Options. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong?

    WordPress 3.5.1 (Multisite)
    WP Resume 2.5.5

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  • I have the same problem. Any fixes?? Mahalo!

    I’m having the same problem too. Has anyone figured out how to fix this?

    Same for me…
    WordPress 3.5.1 (French)
    WP Resume 2.5.5

    So far, same problem. Everything looks good on the back end, but then I’m missing contact information, and summary. Thanks for any help!

    The problem lies within the ‘../wp-resume/includes/templating.php’.

    It’s a two part “oops”. Most of the WP plugin methods are being called from a “boiler_plate”, which seems fine and makes upgrading a helluva lot easier to keep track of… but ‘get_user_by()’ is method we need because in multiple places in the file $this->parent->options->get_user_option( 'name', $this->author ) is being invoked and the 2nd parameter of this method required an ID.

    My interim fix:

    [Please use pastebin for this much code – ]

    I’ll be putting it into Github, hopefully it will roll-out in the next update.



    Hi, also having this issue

    This issue is still not resolved for me either.

    What did the job for me, now I got it fixed, was downloading the plugin from Github and replacing the one from WordPress.

    Bravo to which ever mod edited the post above with the use pastebin link. Now this message has gone from problem solver to waste of space.

    This is like the literal implementation of the same logic that yields “If he isn’t dead, I’ll kill him”

    Meanwhile: I am having the same trouble and would sure like to know what code USED to be in the post above…

    Found the answer here:

    Make the changes shown and it should start working correctly.

    Yes, but be careful. I downloaded the GitHub version, it worked. Noticed that the Update notice was on, so I updated the plugin. Didn’t work anymore. Arggh! I would have thought the publishers would have caught this and included it in the update.

    Okay, so I hope this thread is still active. I have been going round and round with no luck:
    i have made the adjustments to
    – templating.php for author_id
    – wp-resume.php for author_id
    …and if i am logged in, the Name and contact info fields are displayed on the resume. when i am logged out of WP, the Name and contact info fields are not showing up.
    Looking deeper into the code, in the function get_name(), using the original line of code:
    $name = $this->parent->options->get_user_option( ‘name’, $this->author );
    does NOT bring back the Name and contact info whether or not i am logged in. $this->author has the logged in user’s username (not ID). However, when i use the new line:
    $name = $this->parent->options->get_user_option( ‘name’, $this->author_id );
    DOES bring the Name and contact info ONLY if logged in. Upon further investigation it seems that whether or not i am logged in, the $this->author_id is blank, and when blank the function get_name() calls get_user_option() which calls get_user_options() which will set $user = get_current_user_id();

    I have been banging on this code for quite a while now (I really don’t want to say how long…but it has become a bit of an obsession at this point) to try and figure out how to pass the id of the resume author so the audience can see the Name and contact info on the resume.

    Help? thanks

    Incredible…. 🙁

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