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  • Hello, I had the same problem than others : I’m unable to show courses on user profile link “My courses”.
    I did the reinstall as said in topic here :

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Dualcube


    @louis037, we have already released an update last week.

    So please make sure you are running the updated version.
    let us know if this works for you.


    I have the same error, the credentials (password) and the link of the course do not arrive in the tab of my courses on the page my account.

    I think I have fulfilled all the configurations.

    What does?
    -Create the course and the categories in moodle and they are synchronized in wordpres.
    -The course is created as a product in woocommerce.
    -the link where it is directed is created within the product (course)`

    what should I do?

    Edit the product (course) add price, seller, featured image.

    does not?

    Send the credentials to the buyer, neither by mail nor to their account in the my courses tab

    Thread Starter louis037


    Hi, @dualcube , The same problem remains : The courses doesn’t show on user page. I reinstalled the last version, checked the credentials and… Nothing better.
    If you want to see my problem, I can give you credentials to assess my website. Thanks

    Thread Starter louis037


    I found part of the solution : on ‘class-moowoodle-endpoints.php’, line 99 : I commented ‘($product) continue;’. So appears the bought products with link, passiors temporary, username But the subscription date doesn’y work… It seems that $product doesn’t get the value

    Plugin Author Dualcube


    Hi @louis037, the reason we check $product, so we can only show moodle courses.
    Now if you are still facing issue with course display, then please do contact us over here :
    So we can assist you better.

    On ‘class-moowoodle-endpoints.php’, line 99

    // if ($product) continue;
    if (empty($linked_course_id)) continue;

    List only moodle linked courses. When user has orders, but no courses, still shows the header but no course lines are shown.

    Plugin Author Dualcube


    @cmorgar, we have added this only to display Moodle courses here, and not the WooCommerce products.

    But our team is checking why the courses bought by the same user is not showing under My Courses.

    Plugin Author Dualcube


    Hi @cmorgar, @louis037, @raquiti789 we have fixed this issue temporarily on our end.

    Please do test our patch in your staging site first by following this rule :
    After downloading the plugin from here –, follow these steps :
    – Delete the installed moowoodle via wp-admin >> plugin
    – Unzip the GitHub plugin
    – Rename the folder as “moowoodle” and remove the other tags. Now, zip this folder again.
    – Install this plugin on your site.
    Please do keep us posted.`

    Sorry for the delay, I did the tests you recommended.

    The credentials and the link of the course if they arrived at the tab (worked) of “my courses” in the page my account.

    But: the user was not enrolled in the respective course.

    The link leads to the moodle page, however in the url there is no mention of the course and unfortunately the password and/or user is rejected to enter.
    And an email with the course link and password was not generated.

    Plugin Contributor rajsekharchatterjee11


    Hi @raquiti789,
    Please check if you are using an SSL certificate or not. If SSL is not found then users will not be added to your Moodle site. You can check whether users exist or not from here site_url/admin/user.php

    I installed version 3.0.3 of WooMoodle Plugin and the course is not shown in the user settings. Although there is no mail generated and sending to the users mail address to connect to the course.

    I insert the cade [moowoodle cohort=”” group=”” course=”2″ class=”moowoodle” target=”_self” authtext=”” activity=”0″][/moowoodle] too. But is it correct, the code is showing directly in this way within the product description.

    I tried virtual product, downloadable product and nothing of these. But the result remains the same.

    Thanks for help.

    Plugin Author Dualcube


    @boefons , we checked our plugin, I am afraid this shortcode is not supported.

    May we know from where did you get this shortcode?

    I can’t remember where I found it. I tried so many helpful advices in the internet.

    But the essential question is, why does the creation of the course under “my courses” and the creation of the user in Moodle does not work?


    Plugin Author Dualcube


    Hi @boefons, not an issue. Can you please contact us over our mail so we can assist you accordingly :



    The link leads to the moodle page, but the url doesn’t mention the course and unfortunately the password and/or user login is denied.
    And no email was generated with the course link and password.
    Thank you very much for your help to solve this problem.

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