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  • Are there any plugins out there, or already created scripts and addons that will allow me to create just ONE page of my website that is a “gallery” page where people can upload their own pictures to?

    OR is there a way to pull all pictures off facebook where I was tagged in?? Its actually a “fan page” so it would have to pull all pictures relating to the fan page

    Any thoughts?

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  • I’ve used ZenPhoto with some success.

    ok.. well. thats NOT wordpress, and it can’t seem to really even be integrated into wordpress.. AND it seems that simple user uploads to add pictures aren’t supported either.

    So any other thoughts?

    You’d have to have registered users uploading photos to a single page or gallery that would then be displayed?

    Grab Role Manager, and assign those users to a specific class and be careful what rights you assign them.

    I’d use Next Gen Gallery to create a gallery, associate the gallery with a specific page, and then restrict users to that page (or any or all gallery pages you have or want to create).


    Further to the above, you would also have to give each of those users access to the Next Gen Gallery album area in the WP dashboard and I am not sure if that can be done with Role Manager. In other words, I don’t know if you can restrict them to just accessing the posting area, and the NGG gallery management area. But as long as they don’t have rights beyond what you give them, they likely won’t be able to access (or destroy, by accident or otherwise) any other areas of your site.

    Make sense?

    And about FB, I don’t think you can pull photos from it automatically. If there are photos that you are tagged in, but which do not belong to you, then absolutely not. You’d have to download them and then upload them to your WP site.

    I found a MUCH MUCH better solution

    PHOTOSMASH plugin

    This one?

    Because this is a community forum, it’s nice to provide as much info as possible so others can benefit from the collective knowledge. Let me know if this is NOT the plugin you meant. Sounds really interesting, although I wouldn’t really trust too many people to upload images to my server, but that’s just me. If you have a small community of registered users that you trust, should be fine. 🙂

    yes, I named the actual plugin and figured that would be enough.. Didn’t have the link to the logo..

    We require registration to post pictures, and in order to be registered your account goes into moderation first.. So the pictures SHOULD be ok.. Plus, that plugin ROCKS, you can let people post pictures and they can see them, but they get put in moderation until an admin displays them

    Its really a great plugin SO FAR..

    My only other issue now is finding a good “registration form” plugin

    You mean something that hooks into the WP registration form, but with more fields? I’ll keep my eyes open.

    Yes.. i found a plugin called Register Plus or somethin gbut apparently the devs. have given up.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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