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  • I have a recurring problem on my friends-and-family blog where people enter their e-mail address in both the e-mail and URL fields.

    I’d like to suggest that WP should address this usability issue by adding some kind of help text along the lines of “leave blank if you have no web site.” Perhaps this can be grayed out text in the comment field if there’s no text there currently.

    Given that these are non-tech-savvy users, I feel obliged to go through and manually delete their e-mail address from the URL field and I’d like to stop having to do that.

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  • whooami



    non-tech savvy or just plain dumb? no offense but how dumbed down does wordpress need to be out of the box? dumb enough to handle commenters that dont know that a web site isnt an email address?

    how about YOU edit your theme files, and add that bit of text? that way not everyones blog has to cater to aolers.

    No offense to aol, but cmon.

    on a related note, anyone remember these?

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