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  • I’d like to know if a feature like this is planned.
    Every registered user can be assigned to a “user category” out of a administrator defined set eg. “friends”, “parents”, “coworker”, “boss”,”mysweetlove” and so on, and of course “anonymous”
    For every new post or static page on the blog, the author can choose the user category (and so the set of registered users) that are able to see the post, or everybody by default. Obviously the rss/atom feed must honor the same access control. I really need this feature for legal reasons imposed by my hosting. i’d like to set a bounty for this feature. i’m not able to develop it by myself due to lack of time, but i’d be glad to give a personal donation of 20 euros (via paypal with credit card) for this feature added in a reasonable time (a month).

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  • You can currently use levels for posting with the admin being ten and everything below not being admin – each level has different attributes for posting, modifying, reading, you can impose rules on what users can and cannot see according to their level. The groups you mention are just a tag – you can replace those tags with the level number and you have the same thing.

    What is it beyond this that you need? Perhaps a further explanation on your part. Cheers

    various reasons prevent me from doing this. First, if i promote an user from registered to author, even setting them to level 1, they are allowed to post. I can hack quickly to prevent this, but it does not solve. I could raise the posting limit to 5, so to have 5 categories, but they are a quite low number.

    second, and most important. suppose i have friend A and B, a lesser friend C. If the posting behavior is “this post can be seen by A and B, but not C”, then this is not a problem. i can use levels. but if you suppose that then you say “I want this other post readable by B and C, but not A because he/she should not be allowed to read it” i cannot play with levels. Ok, i could set A to an even higher level, but as long as this need goes on to more different combinations, it can become a real hurdle maintaining an appropriate management without conflicting with the current level implementation.

    You could say i can switch to email for such targeted communications. Yeah it’s true, but I was switching to blog right to create a different approach to communication.

    The legal reasons i said in the previous post are related to the fact that i need to create a “reserved area” and to prevent anyone but me to post in the public (even comments, but if i create such area then people can comment). Yes, there are a lot of strategies to do some hack, but indeed they are hack, they are not integrated in the blog.

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