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  1. Adam Capriola
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey WP community,

    I'm testing some functionality out on my site, and I've discovered that in the Media Library (meaning wp-admin/upload.php) Editors can only edit images/media that Editors or lower usergroups have uploaded.

    They can't edit media that Admins have uploaded, unless they are adding an image to a post, in that case they are able to edit any image, even if it has been uploaded by an Admin.

    When an Editor clicks in the Media Library (meaning wp-admin/upload.php) to edit an image uploaded by an Admin, it just redirects to that current page. Nothing happens.

    They CAN however, DELETE an image uploaded by an Admin from that page.

    What causes this functionality? I was looking for the capability, but I don't see it listed:


    It seems really inconsistent that an Editor can't edit an Admin's image in the Media Library, but when adding an image to a post they CAN edit it. I'd like to add/remove capabilities to get things straightened out, but I don't see any way to do so.

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