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    I am using Ninja Forms on the following page –

    My problem occurs primarily when people view it on a mobile as follows:

    1. Someone misses one of the required fields at the top of the form (e.g. what skin type are you)

    2. Person ‘submits’ the form

    3. Because a required field is missing the form doesn’t submit BUT the user is still scrolled at the bottom of the page, so they can’t see the error message (located at the top of the form and below the missing field – both of which are above the fold). As a result they think they have submitted the form

    4. I have also tried to turn AJAX off (so it reloads the page) but now the opposite happens. The page reloads to the top, and the error message(s) are below the fold – so the person is still oblivious that an error occurred.

    For it to work properly on a mobile device I need either

    a) an error message to appear near the ‘submit’ button
    b) an error message to appear at the very top of the page (above the Ninja form)
    c) the page to scroll up/down to the first error message

    Has anyone come across this and have any solutions?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Mary


    I’m also looking for a solution for this.



    I also need to find a solution to this. It’s definitely a problem when visitors assume the form was submitted properly and we have no idea they even tried to submit a form. Hopefully Ninja Forms can be modified to resolve this issue. Otherwise, the only thing I can think of at this point is to remove all required fields and error checking so we at least get something and can then try to get the invalid data fixed.

    Same issue here…

    I have a pretty detailed form at my site. Using AJAX some visitors got error messages (since they had turned off javascript in their browser). So I needed to not use AJAX. Now, when a form gets submitted and some required fields are not filled in, the page reloads, goes to the top, and the error messages are not or hardly visible.

    Users think the form has been submitted, but in fact, nothing has happened.

    Why not reloading the page and go to the field that needed to be filled?

    Another option: display error messages as a kind of ‘popup’ (using lightbox or something). So a visitor will read what’s going on, and knows what to do (like filling required fileds).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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