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  • I have a user who cannot log in from their computer. I can log in fine using their username and password. I suspect that there is a problem with either their machine or their network/firewall/something settings. Other users are logging in just fine.

    Any suggestions?

    I created a brand new account for this person manually (as I had created all 250 user accounts by automated means) just to be sure we were on the same page.

    The user says:
    I enter the username and password on the first log-in page [I put a log-in box on sites main page], I get a second log-in box [the regular wordpress log-in page] that says “Word Press – Microsoft Internet Explorer” that asks for a username and password, I re-enter it, and the “Word Press” box re-appears asking again for a username and password.

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  • Case-sensitive issue? Make sure the user knows that name/pass are both case-sensitive.

    I’m having the same problem. I put in the user name and the password that was given me, but it keeps going back to the log-in screen; telling me that I have the wrong user or password. Please help

    HI I just started having the same problem. I also just updated to firefox 2. I can login if I use safari browser but not in my firefox 2 browser. I”m on a MAC OS 10.3.9
    My guess is that is possibly why…?
    Anyone from WordPress Staff on this forum tried this?

    good grief. Y’all realize these aren’t really related, right?

    Sunnyday – try clearing your firefox cookies and cache.

    All – DO remember that usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. “Admin” is not the same as “admin” when logging in.

    Okay, I agree that these are not the same issues. My issue continues. I now have a second user who says that they cannot log in.

    Here is what I have done so far:
    1. I tried each of the two users information sets (user/password) and I have no difficulty logging in.
    2. For one of them I tried creating a whole new account with a username/password supplied by the user. Didn’t work, she still cannot log in.
    3. I emphasized that it is case sensitive and confirmed that they are aware of that and that neither cap lock, no num lock is engaged when they are entering their user information.
    4. I had one of them go to another machine in an adjacent office (secretary or some such) and access was denied on that machine as well — just brought them right back to the log in screen …

    They are in different locations with different isp’s etc. Both are in a medium business setting I guess you might say with multiple machines on a network accessing the net. Is it conceivable that something being done by someone on their network admin side of life is somehow messing up the outgoing form info or something?

    Ideas welcome (so far I just have fellow people with problems).

    19 hours and no additional ideas, anybody?

    Ok people, the problem continues. Anybody have a suggestion? These people cannot log in.

    I also have a log in problem, i was updating my site and then suddenly everytime I choose an to edit I file i am asked to log in. log in just brings up the login page again. Username and password are correct.

    No longer have the problem, left the computer for a few hours and on my return everything is ok. Does anybody know why?

    I worked with a user all day on this issue and found it to be the firewall being provided by his internet provider. Any ideas what ports need to be open so he can leave it on and still log into wordpress?

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