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  • Just a thought, with so many posts, so many repeated posts if it might be a good idea for users to have the ability to bookmark a page within their registered account? I sometimes find an item I want to keep for reference in the forums, I forget to bookmark it, or think I’ll do it later, and then I come back after a while and find I can find the topic again or what the topic was about.

    Just a thought.

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  • I’ve had this difficulty in tracking things down but bookmarking in your browser takes just as long doesn’t it ?
    That said, I think the ability to flag threads that you have contributed too would be good – the difference being that in the first case it may just be a good thread whereas in the second you may have given or recieved some feedback worthy of note. That would stop them dropping off the bottom of your user profile.




    If you’re using multiple computers at distinct locations, you can always use to bookmark the threads in which you have an interest.

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