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    Hello guys!

    Peepso is great so far!

    I was wondering if there is a way to allow registered users (with profiles) to submit posts/articles for direct publishing in the website. I am looking to somehow integrate Peepso also like a Guest Blogging option. I want people who have profiles to be able to submit content for approval in my website.

    I would be grateful if you manage to help me with this! 🙂




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    If you’re a developer we’ll help you integrate your plugin into PeepSo just open a support ticket here: https://www.peepso.com/contact/

    State what filters / methods you’re looking for and our devs can advise.

    Kindest regards.



    Hello again,

    Unfortunately, I am not a developer.
    I was wondering if there is a simple way to do this. Maybe with another plugin or something? Or with some PeepSo feature?

    Currently I use a separate plugin for guest posting. This plugin, though, does not require registration. This means that if you are a registered user at the website, your guest post will not be related to your registration. I intend to leave this type of guest posting in the website for people, who are not willing to register. Nevertheless, for registered users I want to add the option to publish website posts directly from user profiles.

    If I manage to integrate this I see it happening with a simple shortcode on the PeepSo Stream page – right beneath the “Say what’s in your mind” box, and maybe the same shortcode in the Activity page.

    Any ideas would be appreciated! 🙂



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    This is not as easy as it seems and I know for a fact that there’s no plugin that integrates with PeepSo on such level. This is a very site-specific request. I’d suggest hiring a 3rd party developer who could create the functionalities you need. There are some great WP developers who’d gladly create it for you.

    It’s basically feature request / custom coding and not really a support issue.

    Perhaps at some point in the future we’ll introduce this to PeepSo, at this time we can’t make any promises about deadlines and such.

    Kindest regards.

    Plugin Contributor Matt Jaworski


    @damyan if you are already using a plugin that lets you do it, it’s a question of simply tying get_current_user_id() with the submission and should theoretically be a simple modification of that plugin you are using.

    There is nothing PeepSo-specific that needs to be done here, unless you want for example to show a list of all posts submitted by a given user in their profile – then it would require writing a custom PeepSo plugin.

    I found a simple solution with another plugin! Thank you guys! 🙂

    Hi @damyan90 May I know the name of that plugin Please ?

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