• When I tried this service it was great at first. It automatically opened my tax paying accounts to various states. The charges made sense considering most of what they’re doing is automated. $9 a month; considering I barely make that I was pleased.

    Suddenly the charges changed to $30 a month. Then the plugin stopped working properly; the few sales I got weren’t being taxed. The website kept coughing out (which would ease up when I turned off the plugin). So I switched to their “free” version, and was still charged $30 a month with no actual work happening on their side. I was literally being charged for their plugin not to work properly.

    Then I started getting notices that my tax accounts were being closed. And here’s the final clincher: the Illinois tax ID I have to maintain? Not closed, however when I went to handle things professionally it turned out THE TAX ID WASN’T REAL. I had to apply and get one manually. So just like the accountant I kicked to the curb a few years ago when life was better, if I have to do all the work what am I wasting money for?

    I thought very long and hard before closing my account with these people. Despite all of the above, I almost called them to see why I was being charged for a nothing burger and trying to work it out. But then I said to myself, well I’m not making any sales anyway. It’s pointless at this time. So I closed the account when the last monthly charge went through. That should have been it.

    But it’s not. I just got notice they’re going to charge me the monthly fee again. And for what? I don’t even have an account anymore! I’m going to have to call my bank and try to block their charges, because I just tried to sign in again but couldn’t. Because you see, my account is *closed*. It’s theft at this point.

    EDIT: I’d managed to get back into my closed account by using the change of password feature to learn it had never been closed properly!! So be careful if you tell them to close your account!! Make sure all cards are unattached with them and that they have no way to keep things open and charge you anyway! Despite my initiating a closure of account a month ago, I am being charged for this last month *because they NEVER CLOSED IT!!!!*

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  • Hi – Thanks for the review. I’d urge you to review our pricing at https://taxcloud.com/pricing. The minimum charge for an active (has API activity) account is $30/month. To be clear, there is no free version of our software, only a state subsidized option.

    Not clear about your comments on sales tax registrations. We don’t do registrations in IL. If you used our service based on the Streamlined states, we do register you in all 25 of them and you receive a multi-state tax ID applicable in those 25 states.

    When you close an account, you will still get a bill for the month is which you closed your account as we bill one month in arrears. As an example, if you close your account in April, you will get a bill for April services in May.

    Within our system cancelling your account is quite easy. In the upper left once logged-in click the down arrow then Account, scroll to the bottom and click the Cancel Your Account button.

    Sorry for your frustration.

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