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    I see…so we have to pass out yet another registration e-mail account in order to use an Avatar ?…. I get it…ok
    Would be nice to be able to manage that internally and not have to have our users be required to hand out another valid e-mail address just to get an avatar… o well.thanks…

    Well, yeh, I guess it can be annoying. I’m sure there’s a plugin that allows you to store local avatars. But the great thing about Gravatar is that so many websites use this service. This means that people only have to upload once, and then it is automatically included in thousands of blogs.

    Sounds like a neat idea, however, my users are not blogging to thousands of blog sites… probably only one or two. I guess “Master Bloggers” or “Blogger Spammers” would benefit. Maybe I will find a plugin that will help… since avatars were mentioned and somewhat supported in WP, I assumed that it would be handled internally…opps…mistake there …anyway..thanks for your ideas and help !
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    my users are not blogging to thousands of blog sites… probably only one or two

    Gravatars are usually used for comments on sites. So they might be commenting somewhere, and it’s useful in that respect too.

    Gravatar = Globally Recognized Avatar. It works everywhere, tying their avatar to their email address. That’s the whole point.

    That might be the point of a Gravatar, but that might not be the way we want to operate: I always use a new e-mail address for every site I visit or comment upon just in case that site is either hacked and my e-mail address used and abused or in case the site owner decides to sell the subscriber list on.

    Likewise, what might work in terms of an avatar for my personal browsing might not work for more professional site browsing.

    WP should allow for user-uploadable avatars or for user-selectable avatars at the site owner’s discretion.

    I concur, though I have found the avatars plugin for wordpress it seems I’m being daft or missing something, because even after a user uploads an avatar it takes another step for the admin to set it to the local path that the avatar is they uploaded? Any other thoughts on how to automatically display the users uploaded avatar as soon as they upload it?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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