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    First, thanks for this great plugin, it’s really useful.

    One of my users is facing a strange issue.
    He can log in easily to the general site and see the homepage.
    But when he tries to click a link (ex. post, page…), he is automatically logged out.
    Everything seems to be OK for other users…

    Do you have any idea of something which can cause this behavior?
    I’ve tried do disable cookies because it was my first idea but I can’t reproduce the bug (without cookies, it’s completely impossible to log in)

    Thanks in advance.

    here are my main settings:

    Where to after Login? Omit ?redirect_to= from URL (this option is recommended for Custom Login pages)

    Custom Login page? Yes

    Custom login URL

    NB: all other settings are blank

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  • Not specifically related to this plugin, but I have seen this situation happen with what I call “Domain Aliases”. WordPress login cookies are specifically for one domain., and all have different login cookies.

    In theory, if your user logged in on, and it was Parked in a way that left visible in the browser address bar even though the WordPress Site was, and the user clicked on a hard-coded link, he/she would not be logged in.

    Hi and thanks for your feedback.
    I’ve asked him to check if there was a limitation about cookies in its own browser or otherwise, a global restriction due to his company security policy…
    I believe what you suggest can’t cause the problem because there is a unique domain name, and is automatically redirected to

    I have got caught before, though not with this plugin, with WordPress having me logged in to and not logged into, i.e. – for Admin panel access.

    There are a number of ways that this could be your problem, mostly related to timing between WordPress (which does its own redirection), the automatic redirection you speak of, and this plugin. For example, this plugin could see the URL before it is redirected, and therefore force a login based on the URL before redirection, not after. I’m not saying that is what is happening, as there are lots of possible combinations of those three “players”.

    Plugin Author David Gewirtz


    Since this post has been quiet for the month, I’m marking it as resolved. Please start a new thread if you have more questions on this topic.


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