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  1. cokeefe
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hope this is right forum for this question. In my "Who's Been Online" I have this 'User Agent: dots' that shows from either Mountain View, Ca (which I believe is Google?) and then another one with several entries from London GB (although when I click on the ip address the map shows it is someplace near San francisco.

    It is not showing as a bot. I keep having several online at one time. Its been going on for a few days and then my page views have shot up to several thousand.

    Can someone tell me what this means? I tried do a search but can't find anything. The host usually says 'N/A' although a few have this: Host: (google.com) postnews2.google.com

    Its really weird. Have not seen this before.

    Thank you for any help.


  2. What is generating "Who's Been Online"? I'm assuming it's a plugin, but which one?

  3. Magyver NFL
    Posted 4 years ago #

    @Ipstenu, it's probably "Visitor Maps and Who's Online" which seems to be the best one. You notice cokeefe said it's not a bot, that plugin tells the difference.

    I'm getting the same user-agent showing up too, 3 from Britain, humans. The Mountainview one showed up too. The provider for all is Google, which tells me the plugin creator needs to update his bot database, they're all bots.

    @cokeefe, the several thousand page-view increase is likely content scraping, but not likely from them. (I figure they're Google-bots)

    I use a very sophisticated anti-spammer/scraper/hacker software, these guys would have been bounced into the next galaxy if they had acted funny.

    They wouldn't have shown up in who's-online, but they would have shown up in the "Kill Logs" of my software after they were swatted.

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