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  • 24fc


    I have previously operated a PHPBB2 discussion forum, and I find the user admin functions in WordPress severely limited.

    I currently have a blog with over 100 subscribers that will probably top out around 1500 subscribers by the end of the year. I have posting comments, printer-friendly versions of posts, and some content set to “subscribers only” using the protect content, restrict pages, wp-print plugins and some hand-coding to test for a login before allowing something to appear in the template.

    Can anyone point me to plugins that might help me out with user administration?

    It would be nice to be able to:

    1. Sort the user list.

    2. Search the user list.

    3. Have the user list page

    4. Be able to disable abilities on a user by user level – allow someone to remain a subscriber but torch their ability to post a comment.

    5. Block certain email addresses or email domains from being able to create an account.

    6. Have a user level like subscriber that is “one lower” to move users to so that I am not deleting accounts and moderating spam queues as the user logs in with another anonymous email address to post comments.

    7. Allow users to see a list of comments (paged) to go way back in time to see comments posted (as is viewable by the admin) integrated into the blog.

    8. Allow users to click on another person’s user ID and receive an option to view all of their comments.

    9. Users have the ability to view each other’s public profile information, such as the summary , and click on links to email them through the site (protecting both email addresses from being revealed) or contact them by private message supported on the blog.

    Obviously a quick solution is to install PHPBB2 again, set up users to not be able to post except in reply to my articles, and leave it at that, but I really like the format that WordPress creates in that it allows the author to manage the content and the subscribers are controlled away from posting nonsensical social messages which appear as important as the informational content from the author. I basically run my blog as an e-zine with an article every other day or so.

    Can anyone help out?

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  • wpdiva


    Hi 24fc,
    Don’t know about a plugin that will cover *all* of your requirements, but I do know Owen Winkler created a role manager plugin that allows restricting/accessing tasks based on user level. Don’t know if it will restrict commenting though. (Just double checked, no, it doesn’t restrict commenting abilities.)

    If I come across any other plugins which may help, I’ll be sure to post them.



    Thanks. I took a look at every plugin in the plugins database, and I don’t see any that provide this sort of functionality.

    It would be very cool in a future version of wordpress to see more support for community-building around a blog with more admin power over user administration and more abilities for the users to contact one another and follow one another’s writings.

    To me, a blog is superior to a forum. A forum allows any chuckle-head to write nonsense, to which everyone responds. You get a lot of bad writing that way – with only a few gems here and there.

    I much prefer to read, and to host, a blog where the author shares his thoughts, and the others are free to remark on those thoughts but not initiate the original articles. That way it becomes a base of solid content.

    Thank you wpdiva for looking around for me. I appreciate the help.

    WordPress is an amazing tool – especially when you consider the price. I have enjoyed tweaking and playing with it immensely.

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