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  • I have somewhat of a tricky situation. It’s a long question but bare with me since it’s quite a challenge. I’m trying to create a form where several things happens:

    1) The contributor will enter values in two fields: number and text field (example: “4” and “Mana Leak”. These are cards from the game Magic the Gathering.) Then they can click a button “Add new card” and a new field pops up below with the same fields but off course empty. They continue to add this until they’ve added all their cards. These cards will in it self be divided into several categories (not wp categories): artifacts, instants, sorceries, creatures, enchantments and lands.

    2) They check checkboxes with 5 values: black, white, red, green, blue and these in turn is submitted as wp-categories. The categories already exists and I want to force them to just choose between these categories and no others.

    3) They input a description of their deck into an excerpt field.

    4) They hit the “Submit deck” button and all information is stored as a post. Preferably as custom_fields. It will be quite a few of custom_fields in the end.

    5) They should also be able to just edit their deck whenever they want to. So I need to be able to just read the values into textfields for change again through the same form.

    This should be frontend and its because I want to force the contributor to input content exactly the way I want it. But I can’t figure it out how to do this. Either manually with PHP or via a plugin is cool.

    All help is very appreciated.

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