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  1. fhickler
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I haven't downloaded or installed WP yet, as I am still evaluating if it can do what I am looking for. I did set it up for a friend once so I have some familiarity with it.

    The requirement I have for my present purpose is that I want to restrict access to my blog via a registration that requires a user to provide an email address and password. Only those that are registered will be able to view the blog after they log in with their personalized email/password. I don't want to just restrict the ability to edit/post, I want to restrict the ability to even view the blog. Does WP have that ability built in? Is there a plug in that provides that? Thank you.

  2. fhickler
    Posted 6 years ago #

    OK after looking through the plugin directory, I see there are quite a number of authentication plugins. So perhaps my question should be: can I get some recommendations of specific ones. What I want is for no one to be able to view the blog until they register. And I want the registration to require an email. If the user name is not the email address, I want it to require email validation. And I would like it to be free or cheap and not too difficult to install and configure. I am a web designer and am an intermediate JS programmer, but have next to no experience in PHP, SQL, PEARL, etc. High levels of security are not necessary, but it would be nice to have protection from bots and protection from outside spammers stealing accounts or email addresses.

  3. Joni
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I've never had a need to construct a WordPress site that way (or any other site for that matter). But I Googled and found one constant throughout, which was Viper's plugin, registered users only. (He's a very knowledgeable and reputable WP plugin dev, so you should be fine with any plugins he offers.)


    I'm not sure what kind of spam protection you are after with your statement

    protection from outside spammers stealing accounts or email addresses

    I highly recommend that you deploy some security plugins such as Obfuscate email (which munges any address so that it's just character entities when you view the source, yet the email address behaves just like a mailto link for human visitors), vLogger by Cherie Hayes, and WP-Exploit Scanner.

    And I'm no programmer either, just a web designer; but just for future reference, it's PERL. :)

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