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  • I am having a very weird issue with one of my users. I have 6 pages you have to login to my site to access. The rest of the site is accessible without logging in.

    When logged in as the user on my network, I can access 6 out of 6 pages that are restricted. On the user’s network, I can only access 5 out of 6 pages. I have gone to the users site to test and make sure it wasn’t user error and it is not. Further, the master admin login is having the same issue on this network.

    On this user’s network, I am not getting a network error and that is what is confusing me. I am getting the standard error users get when trying to access the page but they do not have the correct permissions.

    “Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.”

    I have no idea why this would happen. I could understand if the network was blocking the page but I would get a different error. On this user’s network, it is almost like the site logs anyone out the second they try to view this page.

    Any ideas?

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  • What’s different about this page, from the other 5 pages? Are they on the same domain? Does one page have different JavaScript that it’s trying to access?

    Check the browser console on that page, and see if there’s some content being blocked. It’s possible that if specific JavaScript, or a font, or a 3rd party graphic, is being blocked, something else goes wrong and the authentication cookie is cleared.

    If you can talk to the network admins for this location, you can find out more about their firewall, and the types of content that they block.

    I have a couple of clients who use custom DNS servers, an we always have extra problems when we launch websites for them, since someone in their office has to add the new sites to their DNS and firewall before they can access them. Pain in the butt!

    Thank you for the response. The pages are both on the same domain and all of the settings in wordpress for these pages are the same besides the roles that are allowed to access them. The user I am testing with has all of the necessary roles to access both pages. The pages do not have any particular JavaScript or graphics. To be clear, are you saying that something on their network is likely blocking something on the site that relates to them being logged in?

    I am not sure if this helps but, they have the WP admin bar at the top of all the pages besides the one we are having issues with. Once again, this only happens at their site. At my site, I can access all of the pages and the admin bar does not disappear when I try to access this particular (troublesome) page.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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