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    Everyone is given a generous 60 day FREE trial period.

    Currently, subscriptions are either one month or 3 months (your choice).

    My husband, Rod Gasson, the one-man show behind Ozpost, passed away at the end of November after a very hard fought battle with cancer. I was going to stop the servers on the 10th March but a fellow subscriber, who’s been with us for as many years as Ozpost has existed is attempting, with a partner and a programmer to 1) recreate the ozpost services and 2) see whether they can work towards developing it further as shopping carts change over time. If they can take it over, they will. If not, I will have to shut the servers down.

    The shorter subscriptions will help with the transition period between their ownership and mine, and if they can’t make a go of it, it means I won’t be owing money to several subscribers.

    I’m sorry this is in an inconvenience, but t truly hope it’s only a temporary one.

    Gaelyne Gasson

    Hi Gaelyne, sorry to hear about your husband.

    I’m a developer and have recommended this plugin a few times in the past as it meets a need that not many others can. Would love to see it continued.

    Feel free to reach out if you need help.



    Hi Gaelyne, my condolences regarding your husband.

    By now you have probably read my review and I wanted to make sure you understand my intentions during what must already be a very difficult time for you.

    I think it’s important for people who might be ‘scraping the barrel’ (so to speak) to know – up front – what they’re paying for. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the plugin doesn’t work on the last 2 versions of WordPress.

    This means no amount of FREE trial period is generous because you can’t try something that doesn’t work. It may continue to work for existing customers so long as they don’t update to the latest version and, in those cases, continuing to take their subscriptions is perfectly understandable.

    I’m pleased to hear someone is trying to help you get it back on track. Likewise, I’m trying to help the next person who might be struggling to make ends meet. Taking THEIR subscriptions after being notified the plugin is not working is not only unfair but is also illegal under Australian Consumer Law.

    I apologise in advance if this is difficult to hear or if my timing sucks. I just felt you deserve the benefit of doubt and perhaps be better advised regarding your legal obligations instead of tripping over it accidentally and ending up on the wrong side of the law.

    I wish you the very best with it and I may look at using the plugin in the future if it gets back up and going again.


    Dear Mez

    I sincerely hope that Gaelyne will not waste her time to respond to this crap. Your statement is full of contradiction and falsehoods which are either based at best on a luck of understanding and/or ignorance or at worse you are just a troll.

    So let me clarify and for the shake of clarity, I am one of the people that we have decided to try and help to keep OZpost alive and continuing.

    So lets pull apart your statements as they are absolutely ridiculous and I am annoyed like hell about them and the tone of your message (nice and polite but condesenting which is the worse form) and if someone reads them they may believe these crap.

    1. OZpost does not work
    This shows that you propably have no idea what you are doing and not only that but you never even bother to ask for help. I have OZpost running on multiply sites and servers of my own clients and none of them has a problem. Also a lot of clients of OZpost run on the latest versions and they have no problem either. Unlike you, there is a very good relationship between OZpost and its clients which is how I got to know Rod and Gaelyne myself. All web sites run the latest WordPress v5.2.3 and Woocommerce v3.7.1. Therefore it is obvious that you have no idea what you are doing and just try to blame others. Worse you didn’t even bother to ask for help or to be honest I do not even think that you tested the plugin.

    2. Australian law
    Again it shows how ignorant you are of anything and you have no idea about Australian Law or we can even talk about European law or USA consumer Law if you prefer so you understand that I know very well what I am talking about. If we were to assume that the plugin does not work (which is a blatant lie as it is simply obvious that you followt the idium of blame others instead of oneself) and you have tested it for 60 days and then you still decide to continue using it by subscribing, how can you be breaking the law? If you are to buy a car and you test drive it and you find out that the motor does not work and you still buy it knowing that the motor does not work, can you blame the car? No and the law is very clear on that. So you can not blame someone for your own stupidity. Please learn about the law first before you make such ignorant statements. By the way ignorance is not an excuse on the eyes of the law.

    I am sorry if my statements above are too straight forward and if they upset you but I do not apologise for clarifying things. I think your issue is the fact that someone has to pay for using the plugin after 60 days but that’s life. It is understandably that some people get upset about it but at least you can see everything you get and not like most of the other plugins which allow you to download a “lite” version only to find out that what you really want can not be tested as you need the “pro” version. Nothing against those plugins as they do what is the best for their business model and it is their right and use few of those plugins myself and have bought few of the Pro versions myself. I can see also that this is exactly what you have done by buying another Australian Post plugin which you were happy to pay for it and having to pay for it every year but then you complain about OZpost charging, realy?

    I do sincerely wish you all the best and a bit of a final little advice. Please spend a bit of time to learn properly how wordpress/woocomerce and plugins work or find a better host instead of the crap $5 a month/year ones and then complain or better yet learn to ask for help and who know you may had been suprised.


    PS. There will be no further replies to this as time and life is too precious to deal with people that know everything.

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