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  • Having been using WordPress for several years, every single plugin I’ve downloaded has been free plugins (at most, freemium). VaultPress is the first I’ve downloaded that is useless (literally). Upon activating VaultPress and trying to use it, I see that it’s completely disabled. The only way to use it is to have a JetPack subscription ($39/year). What’s the point of having a plugin on if it’s completely non-functional without a subscription? To me, it’s pointless to have a GPL “plugin” which is nothing but some wrapper for a SaaS product.

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  • You have not used nor looked into many wordpress plugins if you think this is the only one that is totally useless without payment. Many companies and services have plugins that you need only to download IF you are going to use their service

    That would make more sense. I mean honestly… What’s the point of downloading a plugin if I can’t use it? To me it makes sense that you only need to download a plugin if I’m going to use their service. After all, why would I download and install a plugin that I don’t plan to use? That makes no sense.

    I have looked over and used (i.e. tried out) a number of WordPress plugins. I’ve used commercial WordPress plugins. I don’t have any issues with a commercial WordPress plugin. I have an issue with a plugin that’s freely available to download but not use. There’s no point in me downloading and installing a plugin that I can’t use.

    What I like are freemium plugins. It gives me the chance to test a plugin out and see not only how I like it but how I like the company. It’s exceedingly rare I fork out cash for a commercial plugin that I don’t have any option of at least trying out to see if I like it.

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