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    I don’t know what your needs are, but most of our users find the Standard version satisfies their needs. I’m surprised you didn’t post any questions to the support forum – there are many filters etc. available to do most things, even with the Standard version.

    WPSSO JSON Standard Features

    Extends the features of the WPSSO Core plugin.

    Provides Schema properties as JSON-LD markup (aka Google Rich Results / Rich Snippets with Structured Data) for the following Schema types (more specific Schema type properties are available in the Premium version): (includes 19 Schema sub-types) (includes 86 Schema sub-types) (includes 1457 Schema sub-types)

    Automatically includes Schema Article AMP 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9 image sizes for Google Rich Results / Rich Snippets (see the Google Article AMP structured data guidelines for details on this new requirement from Google).

    Customize the Schema type for each individual posts, pages, custom post types, tags, categories, custom taxonomy / terms, and attachment pages.

    Provides complete Schema ImageObject SEO markup with attachment data from the WordPress Media Library (name, alternateName, alternativeHeadline, caption, description, fileFormat, uploadDate, and more).

    Built-in support for AMP, Better AMP, and AMP for WP plugins.

    Includes contributor markup for Co-Authors Plus authors and guest authors (WPSSO Core Premium plugin required).

    Adds a Schema Markup settings page to the SSO menu with additional options:

    Knowledge Graph

    Knowledge Graph for Home Page

    Include WebSite Information for Google Search
    Include Organization Social Profile for a Business Website
    Include Person Social Profile for a Personal Website

    User for Person Social Profile

    Schema Properties

    WebSite Name
    WebSite Alternate Name
    WebSite Description
    Organization Logo URL
    Organization Banner URL
    Maximum Images to Include
    Schema Image Size
    Schema Article Image Size
    Schema Article AMP 1:1 Image Size
    Schema Article AMP 4:3 Image Size
    Schema Article AMP 16:9 Image Size
    Schema Thumbnail Image Size
    Maximum Description Length
    Maximum Text Property Length
    Add CreativeWork Text Property
    Add 5 Star Rating If No Rating

    Schema Types

    Type for Blog Front Page
    Type for Static Front Page
    Type for User / Author Page
    Type for Search Results Page
    Type for Other Archive Page
    Type by Post Type for Posts, Pages, Media, Post Type Archive Page, and custom post types
    Type by Taxonomy for Categories, Tags, and custom taxonomies

    Integration (WPSSO Core Premium required)

    Product Attribute Names

    Product Brand Attribute Name
    Product Color Attribute Name
    Product Condition Attribute Name
    Product Depth Attribute Name
    Product MPN Attribute Name
    Product GTIN-14 Attribute Name
    Product GTIN-13/EAN Attribute Name
    Product GTIN-12/UPC Attribute Name
    Product GTIN-8 Attribute Name
    Product GTIN Attribute Name
    Product ISBN Attribute Name
    Product Material Attribute Name
    Product Size Attribute Name
    Product Target Gender Attr. Name
    Product Volume Attribute Name (ml)

    Custom Meta (WPSSO Core Premium required)

    Custom Field Names

    Microdata Type URLs Custom Field
    How-To Steps Custom Field
    How-To Supplies Custom Field
    How-To Tools Custom Field
    Image URL Custom Field
    Product Availability Custom Field
    Product Brand Custom Field
    Product Color Custom Field
    Product Condition Custom Field
    Product Currency Custom Field
    Product Depth Custom Field (cm)
    Product GTIN-14 Custom Field
    Product GTIN-13/EAN Custom Field
    Product GTIN-12/UPC Custom Field
    Product GTIN-8 Custom Field
    Product GTIN Custom Field
    Product Height Custom Field
    Product ISBN Custom Field
    Product Length Custom Field (cm)
    Product Material Custom Field
    Product MPN Custom Field
    Product Price Custom Field
    Product Size Custom Field
    Product SKU Custom Field
    Product Target Gender Custom Field
    Product Volume Custom Field (ml)
    Product Weight Custom Field (kg)
    Product Width Custom Field (cm)
    Recipe Ingredients Custom Field
    Recipe Instructions Custom Field
    Same-As URLs Custom Field
    Video Embed HTML Custom Field
    Video URL Custom Field

    Meta Defaults

    Creative Work Information

    Default Family Friendly
    Default Publisher
    Default Provider

    Event Information

    Default Organizer Org.
    Default Organizer Person
    Default Performer Org.
    Default Performer Person
    Default Event Venue

    Job Posting Information

    Default Hiring Organization
    Default Job Location

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