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  • Can’t believe this got added to the WordPress Repository.

    This theme has no options to edit the header or footer. You can’t add widgets as there isn’t a ‘sidebar’ as such.

    This theme exists simply to encourage people to buy Elementor Pro, a non-GPL plugin.

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  • I think you misunderstood the purpose of this theme.
    and you think the elementor pro is not worth the money?
    plus, we, the users have requested to have this theme to WordPress Repository, because at begin was on github.

    I haven’t misunderstood the purpose of this theme at all.

    This theme which is being touted as the fastest theme for Elementor, doesn’t actually work very well with the basic Elementor that it asks you to install, as you cannot create/edit headers, footers or sidebars.

    In order to actually utilise theme properly, and build a full site, you need to either purchase Pro, or try and find another free plugin that allows you to assign Elementor templates globally to the header/footer/sidebar.

    Lisa R


    Hi @cjrollinson
    Thanks for reaching out! Sounds like you’ve been a little misinformed so I’m happy to have the opportunity to clear things up 🙂

    1. Elementor is released under GPL plugin.
    2. Many WordPress users simply create landing pages which is why they likely wouldn’t need a header footer archive etc, and so this can be done easily with Elementor.
    Side note – Elementor Pro does include the Theme Builder which allows you to create your own Header and Footer from scratch.
    3. The Hello theme is a clean basic theme for starters which allows designers to design and style it however they want, similar to other themes available in the repo such as BlankSlate By TidyThemes.

    I hope this helped clear things up!

    1. I didn’t say Elementor wasn’t GPL, I said Elementor PRO wasn’t GPL
    2. It doesn’t say anything in the description about no header/footer/sidebar, so the uninformed would download this and assume they could build a whole site with Elementor and Hello which they can’t. The BlankSlate you refer to does properly describe itself, Hello does not.
    3. If you need to be a skilled designer to use this, then don’t you think you should accurately describe it as such?

    Lisa R


    Hi @cjrollinson
    Elementor is 100% GPL – both free and Pro.

    Regarding #2 & #3, if this wasn’t clear, I’ll send your feedback over to the dev team and ask them to have a look to see if the description/text can be improved.

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    The website terms and conditions dispute that as per

    and in your terms

    Prohibited Distribution: Except for the Permitted Distribution to Sublicensees (as described in the foregoing paragraph), you are prohibited from distributing the Content in any way, and you are prohibited from allowing any third-party to make any use of it.

    ergo Pro is not GPL

    @cjrollinson There are terms of service that apply to a an Elementor pro user. This doesn’t change the fact that the code is under GPL license.

    In any case, this is not the Elementor Pro page, and the theme can still be used in a veraiety of different ways that do not require using Elementor Pro.

    I can see both sides of this, but it does seem like a reasonable request to expect a theme to have a header, footer and sidebar and if not then at least say so!


    Mohsin Alam


    Thanks @cjrollinson for pointing this out.
    I’m a newbee to WordPress and I waisted two days with the Elementor Theme before realizing that… it was pretty much useless. Installed another theme and everything magically became easy and userfriendly.

    Please stop waisting other people’s time.
    Just write:
    – “useless without Elementor PRO”
    – “not for newbees”

    Not somewhere far away hidden on your site; but in the theme gallery where you present your theme.

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