• Please do not install this plugin as it will endanger the security of your website. There are better and safer plugins.

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    Thanks for reaching out and your thoughts on Wordfence.

    As you haven’t entered any problem details or opened a support request that we could find (0 posts in the forums and no premium tickets we could locate) it’s hard to even know what you are talking about. If you feel like providing any details we’d love to address them. It would be like someone saying something inflammatory like “Ozteacher is mean to pets” but not showing anything to back that statement up that showed you were actually mean to pets.

    There is no other security plugin, free or paid, that offers what we do. No other plugin offers a fully functional and robust firewall and malware scanner that is backed by research from a threat intelligence team for free. Our scanner isn’t like others that finds issues but refuses to tell you what they are until you pay for them. No one else is providing fully trained and paid staff members to work the free support forums as we do. Look around the plugins and honestly compare them. You won’t find any solution close.

    Again, we look forward you posting details so that we can assist you. If you choose not to, we wish you good luck with whichever security solution you provide.


    Thanks for taking the time to respond to this review Tim.
    The subscription for the site I manage is up for renewal and I must convince a committee to ante up the money! So, I thought I’d dig up some dirt so it would at least appear that I was doing some due diligence.
    I was curious about this particular review as I have had nothing but great service from Wordfence. It appears rather fabricated.
    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author WFSupport


    Thanks Steve. I’m not sure what the OP meant as they never reached out to us for help.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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