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  • Well, let’s see — I’m already set up for using my nym on one blog site based on WordPress, and so, of course, I expect to have something of the same when using another site using wordpress.

    No, it somehow refuses to recognize my nym.

    So, FINE — I create my nym again, and — lo and behold, it STILL fails to recognize my nym

    Great system. Really Great. created a registration name TWICE, and it STILL can’t recognize the @#%#$^%$&%$& thing on the page I was attempting to register for.

    My PRESUMPTION is that each of the two sites are INDEPENDENT of the overall WordPress login.

    In which case, why the hell would anything take you to a central wordpress “login” area. The login should be more unique to the site, not looking like you’re getting into some central wordpress login that will be the same for ANY wordpress site. That is certainly the appearance your lameass system produces.

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  • Why don’t you quit whining and customize the login screen?
    Too lameass?

    Firstly, if you wish to make a complaint, this isn’t really the place to do it. People here are users of WordPress just like yourself.

    Secondly, it’s always wise to use clear English, since whatever the hell it was you were trying to say is completely obscured by your dreadful prose.

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