• The 1 star is only for the visual look.

    This is probably the best visually looking social login plugin out there, but it just needs way lot more work!

    I really appreciate what you’re guys doing, please don’t take it in a wrong way, but at the current stage, this plugin is just absolutely un-usable, waste of your time.

    * profile image is not taken from the social profile
    * username or name not taken from the social profile correctly
    (both issues were first raised to the developers about 3 months ago and this issue is apparently marked as resolved)
    * admin not receiving confirmation emails

    If everything was working properly, I’d be more than happy to pay for a premium version.


    UPDATE 8. May. 2020

    Review edited and star rating raised to 3 stars. I really appreciate the developers support. If we can make this working, it should be a 5 star plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Ataur R


    Hi @joe-bloggs

    We have already fixed this. Can you please try now. And change the rating with five stars. It will help us lot 🙂


    Thread Starter Joe Bloggs


    Hi @ataurr

    The only thing that seems to be fixed and working is the username.

    Other than that, profile image is still not being fetched from the user profile nor is the user first name and last name.

    I’m talking about Facebook in particular now, I haven’t even tested the rest.

    Also, the new user signup ignores the default user role for new accounts. Even if my default user role for new users is setup to be an author for example, your plugin still registers them as subscribers.

    Also admin should receiving a notification of a new signup?

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    Plugin Author Ataur R


    HI @joe-bloggs

    We have fixed both issues last week. Can you please change the rating. We are losing users due to this.


    Thread Starter Joe Bloggs


    Hey @ataurr ,

    So I’ve tested your plugin again for Facebook login.

    The username that was previously working fine is now messed up and shows up like this: fb3115645059453759

    I just don’t get it to be honest with you. How many tries will it take for you to get things right? Have you tested it after you “fixed the issues” at all?

    Why don’t you just hire a proper developer if you can’t get it right your self?

    To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve lost hope in your plugin, so even if you finally make it working, I will still be hesitant installing the plugin on my website, because something just tells me that this is really bad coding.

    So unfortunately my rating stays on 1 star only for the visual look, nothing else.

    Plugin Author Ataur R


    Hi @joe-bloggs

    This is not our plugin or developer-related issue. You have asked this as features we have already completed 2 more features which you asked here.

    Facebook doesn’t give the username from Facebook. They only share the first names and last names and a unique id to verify as a user like 3115645059453759

    If you want to show username from facebook there have to validate your app and need account access permission in your app which really tough to get from Facebook.

    But now we have to make a username with your firstname+lastname and this will use as username in when they log in or register in your site.

    We request you to check this again. I hope you won’t be disappointed this time. 🙂


    Thread Starter Joe Bloggs


    Hey @ataurr ,

    Let me just stop you right there with ‘asking for features’ talk.

    Firstly, I have probably tested every social login plugin that is available for download including Mini Orange, Nextend and all the rest.
    Personally I like Nextend the most, but unfortunately it doesn’t work well with my website setup. All the rest are working well, but don’t look very visually appealing and usually cary with them a load of unnecessary features which I don’t want. The reason why I picked your plugin is that it’s simple, and looks good visually.

    However every single one of these plugins that I’ve mentioned above have some very basic features:
    First Name
    Last Name
    Username ( made of first name and last name )
    Email Address
    Profile Image
    Confirmation Email to admin about a new registered user
    Confirmation Email to the user regarding the password.

    I believe that these are very standard and absolutely basic features of every social login plugin.

    Let me just remind you that your plugin didn’t have any of it.

    Your plugin would only include First Name and Last Name and Email, so I really hope that you understand that this is absolutely useless to anybody who is looking for a social login plugin.

    I shouldn’t be asking for features. It is you as a developer who should use a common sense and be ahead of your competition and have basic features already integrated.

    I’m not asking for anything special here. I’m only asking for features that a find basic and standard and other plugins already have.

    Secondly, for the username, yes, what I meant is that a wordpress username should be made of your facebook’s First Name and Last name.

    So If my name on facebook is “Joe Bloggs”, then my username in WP should be “Joe-Bloggs”

    But you have already had this working once before.
    It was working fine. But now the username is back to fb3115645059453759.

    So have you fixed this now?

    Thread Starter Joe Bloggs


    Hi @ataurr ,

    So I’ve tested the new update again. It works now and all the details are now pulling from facebook correctly, so many thanks for that, but there might be a bit of an issue accessing the user profile with BuddyPress.

    When the new user registers manually with the following details for example:
    First Name: Joe
    Last Name: Bloggs
    Username: joebloggs

    Then I’m able to access the user profile with URL domain.com/member/joebloggs

    But with your plugin something strange happens.

    I can see that your plugin now registers the WP username as firstname+lastname which is correct, so it’s: joebloggs

    However the BuddyPress user profile is accessible only by the first name, so with: domain.com/member/joe

    Which then creates a broken profile link.

    Would you be able apply a fix for BuddyPress? So the Buddypress profile is registered with the WP username (firstname+lastname) instead of just first name?

    Plugin Contributor Md. Atiqur Rahman


    Hi Joe Bloggs,

    I have checked the BP plugin and with default installation I have observed that all profile link created by BP is domain.com/member/[user_nicename] not the first_name.

    Our plugin pass the first_nameas user_nicename like most of the other plugin.
    Rest of the logic for generating user_nicename is handled by WordPress:
    – lowercase, space removed
    – unwanted character removed
    – if exists add suffix “-2″[-3,4,5 until available]

    Some users created in my local environment –

    Then I have also created users using BP “Manage Signups” :

    From which it is clear that BP is using passing username as user_nicename and it looks like profile link is generated from username.

    From all of above observation makes me confused about your problem :
    1. Profile link should not be broken in any scenario
    2. Profile link generated from users signed-up by our plugin should be domain.com/member/firstname[-2/3/..] not domain.com/member/username
    3. Profile link generated from users created using BP manual should be domain.com/member/username not domain.com/member/firstname

    What I can do from our plugin is, pass the username as user_nicename and then generated profile link will be domain.com/member/username.
    I am guessing most of our plugin user will not be unhappy with this change.

    If 1/2/3 is not your scenario, Would you please give us more details like screenshot so we can re-create the issue and resolve it?
    Or you can open a ticket https://help.wpmet.com/ here, so we can get more details from you easily and help us re-create the issue and resolve it quickly.

    Thank you for being with us.

    Thread Starter Joe Bloggs


    Hi there @atiqsu ,

    And many thanks for your time looking into this.

    Ok, that makes sense. Are you able to do a small amendment here and instead of passing only First Name as user_nicename, would you be able to pass both First Name and Last Name?

    So currently, if my Facebook profile is:

    First Name: Joe
    Last Name: Bloggs

    New user is created with the following details:

    First Name: Joe
    Last Name: Bloggs
    Username: joebloggs
    Member profile URL: domain.com/members/joe/

    Would you be able to amend the code, so both First Name and Last Name are passed into user_nicename divided by dash ' - '

    And ideally, the user_nicename would be the same as username

    So you would the end up with the following details:

    First Name: Joe
    Last Name: Bloggs
    Username: joe-bloggs
    Member profile URL: domain.com/members/joe-bloggs/

    I believe adding the dash ‘ – ‘ would make the profile URL a little more friendly and also adding the Last Name will prevent high numbers of the same First Name.

    So if the website has 100 Joe’s , the URL doesn’t look very nice as /members/joe-98/
    We would be able to prevent this by adding the Last Name.

    What do you reckon?

    Thread Starter Joe Bloggs


    Hi @atiqsu , @ataurr ,

    Did you by any chance manage to look at the latest response I’ve sent last week regarding amending the user_nicename output?


    Plugin Contributor Md. Atiqur Rahman


    Hi Joe Bloggs,

    We had checked your response and we have made the user_nicename same as username, so now you should access user profile with username.

    We decided not to add the hyphen in the user_nicename.


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