• My wordpress installation had a lot of malware (additional index files, injected php code, added files) My web host discovered them in a scan.

    I began dealing with them manually but it was slow going. I installed this plugin to run a scan and help with clean-up. (I try to give less popular plugins a shot first)

    The scan was extremely slow and had my laptop fan spinning. End result: site declared clean! This plugin did not pick up a single of the corrupted or added files, even though they were sat right there for me to see.

    I tried Wordfence instead. It performed a sensitive scan quickly and quietly and found every file. I got the site thoroughly cleaned up in 15 minutes from installing it.

    Maybe others had different experience with Anti-NMalware, but all I can do is go by this definite test of its scan prowess. I have to conclude it is pretty useless.

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  • Plugin Author Eli


    I’m sorry you had such an uncharacteristically disappointing experience with my plugin. I’m sure that you realize that this is not the norm, based on all the other overwhelmingly positive reviews.

    I wish you would have reached out to me for support before giving up on my plugin, because I fully believe that this would have been a simple fix to correct whatever it was that was making my plugin spin it’s wheels ineffectively on your site.

    If you are at all interested in getting the the heart of this issue (as I am) then I would still be very interested in helping you get to the bottom of the cause of this issue and figure out why my plugin didn’t work on your site. Please feel free to contact me directly:
    eli AT gotmls DOT net

    Thread Starter web1design


    Thanks for the response. I’m afraid I don’t have time to explore it further.

    Your plugin was not the only one that did not find any of the malware. The difference in performance by Wordfence was striking, compared. I wanted to try a small enterprise, but looks like the big boys have it nailed.

    AGAIN, THIS IS ONLY MY EXPERIENCE. It is not evidence for your plugin being no good. Just like positive reviews are not proof that a plugin will perform well in every situation.

    I am sure that if my experience was an anomoly, you will go from strength to strength. But I felt it fair to share my negative experience, the review system has to reflect both the good and the bad. Bear in mind that not everyone posts a review, both the good and the bad. I usually shrug my shoulders and move on to try another plugin, but the lack of success was so obvious, as I had a list of infected files from my host-provider.

    Plugin Author Eli


    Thanks for your response and I can appreciate how you have a valid position to represent here. As you may have also noticed, many of the reviews speak to my outstanding support and dedication that I personally offer to backup my plugin. Many of the issues that people bring to my attention are resolve quickly and easily, so I am disappointed that you didn’t give that a try before writing your review on the out-of-the-box plugin experience. Besides my own personal curiosity and my desire to make my plugin perform even better across all platforms and all situation, I also can’t help wondering if it might have been something simple that to fix that could have flipped your experience completely around.

    As it happens, I could not find any registrations for your site so I was wondering if you could at least tell me if you were able to register and then download the latest definition updates successfully? If you did not download the latest definitions then that would at least explain why my plugin was not able to find any known threats.

    Hi web1design (@web1design), you should be professional, because hundreds people can not be wrong, so if it does not work for you unexpectedly, but yet, you should think twice honestly when you rate someone product.



    Personally, I think you should take a name like web1design out of your comments because if you were a decent web designer you would not have had the problems you are whining about.

    1. Had you been using this firewall/malware blocker in the first place you would never have had the problems you had.
    2. You whine about the best security plugin in WordPress history with the best service in WordPress history and then when the developer tells you he is willing to devote his valuable time to help you, you spit in his face and say I don’t have time to deal with you when I should have humbled myself and asked you for help in the first place.
    3. You are a perfect example in my humble opinion of an idiot who thinks he knows more than he really does and insults probably the best designer and support person in all of the millions of WordPress plugins.

    Just by reading your WAAAAMBULANCE report, it would seem that your issues are more of a leaky server issue that most likely a website plugin would not fix.

    If you still don’t have your issue fixed (most likely not) I would recommend No never mind you would probably piss all over Terry too and I won’t put him through that.

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