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  • This plugin CAN NOT read or identify text from photo images. It can only pull text from a flat image of text from a screen capture or PDF of a text document.
    Essentially this app is an expensive way to do something you can already do with cut and paste.
    It does not work on news paper clippings or scanned documents very well either.
    The scans have to be VERY clear (much clearer than the one in the examples for this app) and they have to look virtually as good as a screen shot from an online document.

    A good try but entirely useless and far to expensive for how poorly it performs.

    I am the admin of Ride Safe and I had intended this plugin to save us a lot of time and money for pulling plate records from taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers with dangerous criminal records to express our database. Even a clear direct image of a license plate with the camera not even 12 inches from the plate will work in this app to get a text document.

    The documents also do not export to a useful format for databases like excel.

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