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  • I don’t understand the reasoning behind putting a warning saying that ending support is imminent and to migrate to a new version when you have no documentation for the new version.

    This makes this plugin almost useless – as a developer I have no way to do anything with it unless I want to sift through mountains of code for even the simplest things. How to get the cart url? Well now I’ve found myself in the Pages class for some reason digging around in there and still have no idea what’s going on.

    No backwards compatibility – so if you follow the instructions that they put in that bright warning across the top of your screen (what?!) be prepared to pay a developer like me thousands of dollars to comb through the code and fix up a site with absolutely 0 documentation.

    Edit: Now realizing that all my variations are gone from 3000 products, orders won’t migrate at all keep failing because of missing variations. Products page won’t load at all in the back end (504 gateway error) Good thing I made a DB backup!

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  • Hi,
    While I understand your frustration, I cannot understand the reasoning behind your arguments:
    – Support for the 1.x version ends at the end of March, not the beginning. It’s also NOT a date when all of the Jigoshop 1.x plugins will stop working.
    – No backwards compatibility – that’s what the Migration Tool has been made for. If you’re having an issue with the migration – contact our support team.
    – There’s no need for paying “thousands of dollars” – simply contact the support team if you’re struggling with properly setting up the plugin.
    – “Good thing I made a DB backup” – yes, it’s a good thing. It’s also the first information you encounter when trying to migrate.
    That said, I’d gladly help you with the migration 🙂

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