• While this plugin creates a nice formatted title, it is worthless without installing yet another plugin, that ads the title tag into your posts and pages. WordPress has removed the title tag since version 3.5 (5 years ago). When I finally took the time to explain the issue to the developer, he added the feature to the PAID version, but not to the free version. He then offered me a 50% discount to buy my own ideas… If you don’t want to pay for having your image titles in your post, simply install the “Restore Image Title” plugin together with the free version and you’re all set.

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  • Plugin Author David Gwyer


    Thanks for the feedback. A little clarification is in order…

    This plugin is definitely NOT worthless as it currently stands. WordPress does now indeed remove the title attribute when inserting images into posts but this is not the case when using many page builders, so it’s not universal behavior.

    And, as pointed out this can be rectified by installing another free plugin to change the default WordPress behavior. The plugin is active on over 7,000 sites yet this has been the only request to add the title attribute back in which is why it hasn’t been added in before now.

    The requested feature was added to the pro version very quickly after the initial request and I went out of my way to make this work and be available ASAP.

    In general any new feature requests go into pro versions to help fund development costs. And I regard this particular feature worthy of adding to the pro version as it stands.

    Please remember that full time WordPress developers, such as myself, rely solely on revenue from premium products. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to provide ANY free plugins and you’d still be formatting all your media titles by hand if it were not for the free version that I’ve maintained and supported for a number of years.

    Instead because it does not do everything you want and you didn’t get the pro version for 100% FREE (which you specifically asked for) you chose to leave a 1 star review.

    I think a 50% discount was pretty generous in the circumstances, and perhaps instead you should have looked at it as a way to say thanks for me going out of my way to address your request (i.e. take the time to reply to multiple emails in a polite and timely manner) and provide a working solution very quickly.

    It’s responses like this, from users who expect everything for free, which makes me rethink providing free plugins altogether. I have a number of new plugins due for release over the next several months but for the first time I’m considering making most of them pro only.

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