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  • My rating will change to 5 stars if Gutenberg supports custom MCE buttons and toolbars, and equally important Meta Boxes, and Taxonomies, and to address CPTs that do not use the editor.

    Gutenberg is 5 years late with all the page builders available, has the potential in breaking thousands of themes and plugins and making millions of hours of work go down the drain, just because some thought to change a perfectly good working system. They insisting this distraction free writing like feature, which the stats showed that almost nobody cares about or uses it. Keep pushing on things we don’t want, and in this case, probably hate.

    It’s that simple, if it stays like this, Gutenberg is a nasty joke played on us! I hope more theme and plugin developers would chime in.

    Update: Oct. 26, 2017: Even though the plugin is getting better, I can now use the toolbar buttons and meta boxes, getting to them, and opening and closing a million things to get the simplest thing done, still makes Gutenberg harder to use than what we ave right now. The idea for this was to make simpler, so the millennium idiots can function, but to make more sophisticated pages this makes things harder. And what is up with the 2 columns only? What if I wanted 3 or 4? If you people think that this is going to replace traditional page builders, you are %#%%& than you look!

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  • Plugin Author Joen A.


    I’ve read through the Github discussions, and they’ve helped me to understand a bit more what’s going on.

    But I still feel alarmed at the language used about custom metaboxes – “put them on the side, or under advanced settings”. Many, many WordPress solutions I’ve built my business on use custom metaboxes as the primary component of the editing experience.

    I am now better understanding the limitations for our future inherent in the way custom metaboxes/fields work now. But, honestly, I’d be far less alarmed if the primacy of custom fields in many development models was acknowledged and factored in from the start, rather than some of the language I’ve read on those GitHub discussions, which seems to paint them as marginal edge cases, and develop for them as an afterthought.

    Anyways, good luck with the process, but I do hope Gutenberg remains a plugin for a year or two more at least. It’s so far really knocked my confidence in my decision to specialise in WP 🙁

    Thread Starter nick6352683


    Thanks for chiming in your thoughtful points Mina. I would go a little bit further by saying that just leave it as a plugin period, or for the very least if merged with the core, give us a way to opt out of this craziness, and get back doing things the way we are used do, for years. Personally, I showed Gutenberg to some of my clients (yes, I know it’s in beta), and most were confused. Those who liked it a bit, or were neutral, changed their minds and became negative towards it, once I showed them some Page Builders, as alternatives, like Visual Composer, Divi, and SiteOrigin.

    Furthermore, what Gutenberg calls “Full Width” is not a real screen fill width (like Divi), but for it to work, the theme must be 100% fluid which most themes are not. Unlike Gutenberg, Divi (the plugin), and Beaver, Visual Composer and SiteOrigin have the ability to break though the page divs and create true full width sections no matter how a theme is coded, ie: Fixed width. So, as far as Visual Composer and SiteOrigin are concerned, they truly function 100% well, with any theme. This can’t be said for Gutenberg, and the other Page Builders I mentioned.

    I hope for the sake of all of us, when everything is said and done, I will be proven wrong, but I have a nasty feeling about the whole thing. Automattic has a very rich history in introducing something meaningless, or very marginal at best, at the expense of breaking thousands of themes and plugins, although to be fair to them, they are getting much better in that department. I hope this trend of not breaking things continues…

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    Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    Lots of good input here and it is being listened to. I wanted to share the current discussion on meta boxes as that is quite active: The plugin has also come along a lot in a month, so interested in feedback on what we have now. This project is what the community in the end make of it – just like anything in WordPress. Really interested to get feedback that can then make Gutenberg better for everyone.

    Mina Nielsen


    Thanks, Tammie 🙂

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