• First of all I don’t understand why every time I install WP I must get automatically this sh@it into my install, then:

    i) You cannot get a “canvas” mode like Elementor, which makes it useless as a page builder

    ii) Saying the documentation is “poor” is a kind of compliment: it is simply laughable, because many pages are still blank, and some descriptions are like “here you get special features, click here”: what special features?

    iii)many times (it randomly occurs) you drag and drop any widget and it simply doesn’t work. IT DOESN’T WORK, OK?

    This f@@king sh@it made me waste two hours of my life, it would be nice if I don’t find it anymore when I install WP

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  • Plugin Author pagelayer



    I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. I would like to offer you a premium license if you would like to test it.

    i) We will be adding the Canvas option.

    ii) For the documentation, we did find that 3 docs were missing.
    We have made sure to fill them.
    At the same time our website and docs are being further improved.
    We are working on a lot of Video tutorials and will soon be launching them.
    They will be added to our docs.

    iii) If you will help us replicate the issue, we will issue a fix ASAP. Also we would be happy to offer you an additional year of premium license if you would show us.


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